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How can one prepare physically/mentally


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  • How can one prepare physically/mentally

    So was looking for some pointers on what some of you staties would reccomend to get prepared to go through the application process.

    I have heard such examples as run lots of hills, when running, but what other bits of advice could you give to someone preparing now, for a future shot at the academy.

    examples, excercises, things to study, etc etc.

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    Mentally-you need to prepare for the fact that there is a possibility of once you get to the Academy, you may not leave for the next 7 months (pretty much happened to the guy in the room next to me). Be determined to make it thru the Academy no matter what. Develop "thick skin".

    Physically-Run, work your muscles to failure, swim, box, condition your body for getting up at 4 a.m.


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      any type of swim strokes specifically?

      4am, good to know, I have been getting up at 5am, thinking it was 5, will change that.

      It might have been a while ago and surely has gone through many changes, but what was a typical day like for you in the academy PA?

      Your responses, are very much appreciated.


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        swim strokes--basically anything that keeps you above water

        Basically our day went like this--up at 4-start cleaning our room, 5 a.m. down for formation, 5:30 run, 6:30 shower and dress, 6:45 breakfast, 7:15 common areas or stables, into class at 8, 11:30 lunch, 12:45 back to class, 5 p.m. dinner, 6-whenever study or sometimes class at night.

        Now granted that was 10 years ago, I'm not sure if anything has changed.


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          over the course of your stay, how many weekends were you allowed to leave and or have a visitor? Just out of curiosity.


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            I always made the runs, passed the inspections, and didn't have problems academically, so I was able to leave the Academy every other weekend. I never had anyone visit me at the Academy, so I don't remember how that works.


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