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  • NYPD to PSP

    I appreciate in advance anyone on the job can give me some insight. I have some questions about getting into the PA state police. First off I recently resigned from the NYPD after 2 years with them. I wasnt forced to resign, I did it on my own. While on the job I had a few commendations and a stellar record and repor with my bosses. I was active and the whole nine yards yada yada... We all know NY is quite an expensive state, so while there I got into some financial issues causing my current less then perfect credit, which I am in the process of repairing. I move back to philadelphia where I am from and am now trying to get on with the PA state police (and the philadelphia police department) My question to any pa troopers or anyone offereing insight is this... will my bad credit dq me...

    Good things-- 2 yrs exp. with nypd, excellent activity. Bachelors degree Temple University Criminal Justice, minor spanish. Certified by the state of pa as EMT. Clean record, no drugs and working on fluency in spanish which i hope to achieve in a short period of time. Training while on the job: certification withe dept of home land security in WMD law enforcement response actions, WMD law enforcement protective measures, WMD law enforcement threat -8 (Threat, hazard recognition, and emeregency actions training) and a certificate in citywide and national incident management systems training, level of ics-100, ics-200 and is-700

    Bad things-- Bad credit, 2 seatbelt tickets from 6 and 4 years ago.

    WIll the good outweigh the bad?

    Tickets didnt hurt with NYPD but then there now hiring perps, i know its harder in state agencies
    Thanks guys...

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    It all depends on just how bad your credit is. Additionally, if you can explain what happened, it may help. I will check with one of the guys who does the backgrounds to find out. But unfortunately, that won't be until sometime next week.


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      Philadelphia's application deadline is April 20th.


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        thanks for your help guys...if you could talk to a bi for me road dog id appreciate it... i already signed up for the ppd test, if fact they just cashed my check...


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          I've read that they won't invest any time or effort into anyone that doesn't live in the city limits while processing. However, the website states that you can complete all the processing but you won't be hired until after you have been a resident for a year. Strange...


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            Originally posted by nypdmisery
            Good things-- 2 yrs exp. with nypd, excellent activity
            Heard two former NYPD are in the academy now. Because of them, I would keep that to yourself.


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