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important question for PA!!??


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  • important question for PA!!??

    Hi. I posted this on another thread, but I thought maybe I'd ask in PA if no one else was able to answer.
    I have a serious question. There is a person in my neighborhood who was charged and convicted and sentenced to 30-60 mos followed by 5 yrs prob. and life enrollment in Megans law, in 2002 for mollesting his infant daughter until she was 2. He still is not serving any time due to appealing his case. It was just infront of the superior court and reargument was denied, now he is appealing it to the PA Supreme court. So he is still in the street, he lives within 2 blocks of a school. My question is, do I have a right as a citizen to notify neighbors of this felon by ways of fliers, etc. or to notify the school by where he lives, or must I wait until after all of his appeals or serves his time to notify neighbors. What am I allowed to do and what am I not allowed to do as a citizen to notify others so that I cover my own butt so that I dont get into trouble for deff. of character, or whatever. Thank you for your responses!!

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    TECHNICALLY, if he is in the appeals process, the charges have not stuck. They could be either be upheld or overturned, so as of yet nothing is final. You should be okay to advise them of what he is facing in the judicial system since (if) you found this out from a public information source. Once he is registered under Megan's Law, he will have to reside a certain distance from areas where children congregate such as schools or neighborhood parks. Or should at least. Our dept sends out press releases on everyone we charge with a violation. This much is public record as is the outcome of any court proceedings unless sealed by the judge. Deffamation (spelling help if needed please) of character is a civil issue and something that the police should not get involved in anyways unless it has led to criminal violations such as stalking, harrassment, assault, disorderly conduct, etc.
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