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    Anyone here anything yet? Any idea of number of guys hiring or how long hiring process is?

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    I can provide a little insight into the hiring process and how long it takes.

    You can find that information about what is involved in the process on the Amtrak Police website.

    The steps that you are going to go through are as follows:

    -Physical agility test (Standards can be found on the website)
    -If you pass the agility test, you will then be invited to complete the written test. (May be a few months before you hear anything)
    -If you pass the written test and are high enough on the list, you will then be invited to an oral interview which is usually conducted by a captain and either one or two Sergeants. (Once again, could be a few months between the written and interview)
    -If you pass those steps, you will then get a "blue book" in the mail which will be for your background investigation. (Just like before, a lot of waiting)
    -Once you have completed your book, you might be called to come into the office, get finger printed, photographed, and go over your book with a background investigator. (This could be a couple months to more than a year before you hear anything)
    -Once the background investigation is completed, you will have to meet with a psychiatrist.
    -Then the next to last step is that the hiring board reviews your information to decide if you would be a good candidate for hire.
    -You will then get a conditional offer of employment and will have to complete a physical evaluation.
    -If you pass all these steps, you may be offered a job with Amtrak.

    This whole process can take a year or more to complete. I know of one other person who is on these boards who had a couple years between his written exam and receiving an interview invite.

    Good luck with the process. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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