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    I wonder about the 1,200 number he is coming up with. If he is taking into account the guys with 20 years on as well, then I believe the numbers are skewed. I don't belive there are going to be a lot of people going with 20 years on. I am one of those with 20 on now and there is no way I can afford go with 20. I am just wondering if this is a tactic on Nonnan's part to get a little more from the legislature for more funding. If it is, I hope it works.


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      The number of troopers eligible to retire includes everyone with 20+ years on as well as any veterans who have enough military time to buy the difference between the time they have and 20 years. During the budget hearing Noonan was honest about the retirement situation. Typically there are 158 retirements a year. During some contract years retirements have spiked to around 250. Since the contract is coming up during a very tough economy both the brass and the PSTA are expecting that the state is going to ask for a change in some retirement benefits. If the Commonwealth gets any major concessions there will be more retirements. The problem is nobody knows how many. Nobody is saying that 1,200 troopers are going to retire just that there are that many people that have the option to decide if retiring is in their best interest.
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        I guess I was part of the "large cohort"...
        I was fortunate enough to be able to buy back my military time. I was one of the first from my class to get to normal retirement time. I popped smoke without having to think about it. The day after, I was in having back surgery.
        Speaking to my classmates... there are a few I know that are going to go with less than 25. It is not only 50% at 20 and 75% AT 25. Your retirement goes up by a percentage once you go beyond 20 years. I was also fortunate enough to work at a station with an interstate. I used to curse that road, but when they re-surfaced it, that gave me a LOT of overtime, and every 8 hours of OT takes another day off your 25 years. Good luck guys and stay safe out there. GROG
        As far as "rights" are concerned; I look at them this way... I don't tell you what church to go to, and you don't tell me what kind of firearm I can own...


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