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Trial For Cop Killer


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  • Trial For Cop Killer

    PHILADELPHIA - November 9, 2009 -- The trial of a man accused of killing a Philadelphia police officer in 2007 is scheduled to begin Thursday now that a jury has been picked.

    Jury selection for the trial of 23-year-old John Lewis, who's nicknamed Jordan, took four days because of the difficulty assembling a panel of people willing to consider imposing the death penalty. It was completed Monday.
    Lewis is accused of killing Officer Chuck Cassidy on Oct. 31, 2007, when the officer walked in on a robbery at a doughnut shop.

    Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Minehart says the trial could take three weeks.

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    Hopefully he will be found guilty and be given a needle!
    I don't answer recruitment messages....


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      The needle is too good for him, too quick. He should have to suffer at least as long as Chuck suffered from the time he was shot until the time he passed the next day.

      The sad thing is some group or groups will protest saying that its not humane to put this scum bag to death.


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        I say fry the SOB, bring back the ELECTRIC CHAIR for this scumbag!


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          In all of this I hope that people take the time to remember or think about Chuck and his family. They no longer get to have holiday dinners or get to exchange presents at Christmas and there is an empty place at their table and in their heats. I think there is an empty place in all of us that knew Chuck and what a great guy he was.
          A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about Chuck. We were saying how he was always so calm and level headed. He was the voice of reason in a bad situation. He was the calming voice when you just wanted to beat the **** out of some jerkoff on the street. He always had a kind hello and just was a fixture and Icon at the 35th District. We were saying how careful he always was and how some of us younger bucks sometimes were a little on the reckless side compared to Chuck. Then something this horrible happens to a wonderful guy like this. It just makes you wonder sometimes...

          Well anyway here is Chuck's guest book. It has a great slide show of him and his family. When you look at it you just can't help but feel how much was stolen from his family.

          A wonderful man's life cut way too short....


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