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  • ACT120 questions

    hi everyone, im new here and have some questions. ive decided that i want to become a police officer and dont know whats the best way for me to get in. i want to work in montgomery county more than philadelphia, bucks or PSP , but am willing to take whatever. i want to know if its worth taking the ACT120 now and be ready for whatever comes my way. i have read in other posts of some people saying that NO its not worth it, and other saying YES. but i know i already missed the test for Montgomery County consortium, does this mean i have to wait for next year to even have a chance for any job? im pretty sure that most departments in Montgomery dont require the ACT120 prior to applying. but i have talked to a Bucks Co. officer and he told me the 1st thing for me to do is the Police academy (ACT120), and since i already have a AA degree and am bilingual (english/spanish) that the county (Mont./Bucks) would like that. also he told me to start doing volunteer work with the second alarmers so i would have 'more' experience than the others.

    i would just like some advice on how i can join or if i should do the ACT120 now or just wait. it will be a total struggle for me and my family since i would have to quit my job but if the end result is me in a department it will be well worth it. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you


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    Bilingual is very good!!!

    Going through the academy is not a definite job but being bilingual places you above many others in the competition. Good Luck.


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      I wouldn't quit your job. Can you try to apply for other work maybe a dispatcher or something within the department until the next test comes up? That way you are making some connections which might make you a better applicant. It something to consider. However keep in mind that Law Enforcement jobs are tough to come by right now. The Act 120 might not be the best option with the large pool of applicants and the few jobs available.

      Its Supply and Demand.


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