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Ramsey Cleaning House? 5 Cops Fired From Ppd?


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  • Ramsey Cleaning House? 5 Cops Fired From Ppd?

    Five Philly Police
    Officers Suspended
    Three Officers Allegedly Used Racial
    Slurs On Duty
    PHILADELPHIA - After a series of Internal Affairs investigations, five Philadelphia police officers face swift disciplinary action.

    Related: Police Launch Inquiry After H.S. Fight | Reporter: Cop Made Controversial Remarks

    Top commanders Thursday officially announced that five officers have been suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss, as Fox 29's Dave Schratwieser reported.

    Three of those officers are expected to be fired because they allegedly used racial slurs while on duty. The other two officers were allegedly involved in off the job domestic-related incidents.

    In a news release, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey identified the accused officers.

    On September 19, 2008, Sergeant Paul Seeger, assigned to the 25th District, and a 14-year-veteran of the Department, allegedly became involved in a domestic dispute, while off-duty, with family members at his home. Uniformed police from the 7th Police District responded, and during the incident, Seeger was alleged to have made verbal threats toward the officers and supervisor. The District Attorney has charged Seeger with terrorist threats and disorderly conduct.

    On September 21, 2008, Officer John Safarowicz, of the 39th District, and a 11-year-veteran, was alleged to have identified himself as a police officer and pushed his way into a residence while off-duty. While inside, it is further alleged that he threatened and assaulted the occupants. Officer Safarowicz was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, terroristic threats, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, official oppression, and criminal mischief.

    On March 13, 2009, 17th District Police Officers Donald Swan and Anthony Ferriola responded to a disturbance inside Audenried High School. Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Division investigated an allegation that while the officers were at the school they used racial epithets toward students. Officers Swan and Ferriola, who are four and three-year veterans of the force, were charged with departmental violations due to their conduct during this incident, and both given 30 day suspensions with the intent to dismiss.

    On January 30, 2009, Officer William Thrasher, of the 22nd District, and a 2-year veteran, conducted a ride-a-along with a Temple University student journalist. During that ride-a-along, it was alleged that Officer Thrasher made racial comments and slurs, which were posted on Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater’s website. The Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Division investigated the allegations and Thrasher was charged with departmental violations for his conduct. Commissioner Ramsey has given Thrasher thirty days suspension with the intent to dismiss for his conduct.

    Mayor Michael Nutter and Commissioner Ramsey have not yet commented publicly on the actions.

    FOP President John McNesby tells Fox 29 News he will carefully review the investigations and take the appropriate actions.

    At least three of these officers have been removed from street duty during these investigations.

    All five turned themselves in to Internal Affairs Thursday morning and surrendered their badges and guns. They do have the right to appeal.

  • #2
    If I keep hitting my head against a brick wall, I might actually understand their logic for doing what they did.

    I'm the gatekeeper, are you the keymaster?

    Servicing what feels like one giant Mental Hospital......... going on 3 years.


    • #3
      Doing what they did? You mean what it was ALLEGED they did, don't you?

      The three officers that were fired because of alleged racial remarks should have been reprimanded with suspension, at best. There were two black female officers that made remarks during a prayer service a few months back and they were not fired, they were transferred. Why the double standard?

      Second the officers that were charged with crimes haven't been convicted of anything yet they were terminated without due process. They might have an argument for the officer that was charged with Burglary however the Sgt. that was charged with Terrorist threats and DISORDERLY CONDUCT????

      In the long run whether they are guilty or not its going to cost the tax payers a lot of money because the PC wants to make "examples" out of cops rather then just being fair and just. If you dish out discipline is it not supposed to be equal and fair for everyone?

      I guess its just another example of the overall attitude towards the Philadelphia Police Officers. They make no apologies for the way they treat their fallen officers, their injured officers or the ones that break their backs on the street every day.


      • #4
        I wouldn't exactly call that "cleaning house." Cleaning what? I've dealt with that chief for about 7 years. I can speak from experience. That chief is a joke. And, treated his old dept officers(DCPD) like garbage.


        • #5
          And here we go with the 'reverse discrimination' chant.

          Best to save it for when you know *WHAT* was said and in what *CONTEXT* it was said.


          • #6
            Good luck to the P/O's. The last several commisioners (Id say from the Willie Goode era) really seemed to fire P/O's for petty crap only to lose in arbitration and in court rulings. Hopefully it wont cost the city alot of money and these guys can either get the job back or can get some money and get on a nice suburb.

            And here we go with the 'reverse discrimination' chant.

            Best to save it for when you know *WHAT* was said and in what *CONTEXT* it was said.
            And in Philly there is alot of reverse discrimination on the department. I know 2 white P/O's who I grew up with who were reprimanded for something silly while a black P/O was given nothing. Same with a certain Sergeant from the old 92nd who assaulted 2 white P/O's in the 2nd, he was not given any sort of reprimand. While they are brothers in blue if the black p/o's are given any sort of problems the guardian league will stick up for them.
            Last edited by orlandofed5-0; 04-24-2009, 11:43 AM.
            I don't answer recruitment messages....


            • #7
              Don't hide behind anecdotal evidence as truth.

              Are *you* saying that black offers do whatever they want in Philadelphia?

              Just when I start to get the impression that people here are more unified than most, by the strength of choosing a career in law enforcement, I find a disgusting undercurrent of veiled bias.

              Just because the system is inherently racist, doesn't mean we have to be.


              • #8
                It absolutely is a double standard when it comes to discipline for racial slurs. Its just like its acceptable when officers say hey N what's up and that is just fine because they are black but if a white officer is alleged to say it then we have to take action against him/her.
                Why? If the word is offensive then it doesn't matter who says it, does it?

                So is it that the system is racist or something is only considered racist when a white person does it?

                Seems like its not the system that has the racial issue.


                • #9
                  I feel like this is a discussion on a teenager video game forum.

                  Many black people, myself included, don't use the slang 'ghetto friendly' version of that word that some people of any color, seem to want to use, or scatter it around like candy.

                  Guess what? It's ignorance. Plain and simple ignorance. So why the hell are you jealous of using it? To prove you can lower yourself too? The worst defense is "Well he did it too!"

                  I have an idea, don't call anyone any version of the word and we won't see you on the news and you won't have to defend yourself.

                  As for whether or not the system is racist, Intro to Criminal Justice. It's just a sad reality, but it is reality.


                  • #10
                    Jealous of a word? You cannot be serious.

                    If you are claiming that the Criminal Justice system is "racist" then what are you doing on a Pro-Police site making outlandish accusations?

                    The fact is that you don't have the slightest clue about how the Criminal Justice system works. I am so tired of hearing the mentality that the system is racist by people that know nothing about it and most likely aren't cops. They get their opinions from News organizations that give it to them. The really sad part is these officers have been convicted in the media.
                    Its a double standard to only accept something as a slur from a certain group. If the punishment is not equal it should not exist.

                    The bigger problem is that these officers are going to get their jobs back because the arbitrator is going to rule that they should not have been fired for the offense or alleged offense.


                    • #11
                      Oh please. It's obvious that you haven't picked up a book or bothered to educate yourself on the CJS. I'd strongly recommend taking at least an intro course on the subject before you continue blind babbling.

                      Is the system racist? Yes, does it intend or mean to be? No. Ideally, justice is dispensed equally across the board. Unfortunately, we're humans and as you're demonstrating quite well, carry a certain amount of bias. With discretionary power bias can be a wicked combination.

                      While you're crying about me making outlandish accusations (which I wonder what they are), keep in mind that you're whining about how unfair it is that you can't make a fool of yourself with the N word. After all, in so many words that's what you complained about a few posts up.

                      And I'll say again, since you obviously didn't read it, don't use the word(s) and you won't show up on the news. It's really just that easy.


                      • #12
                        Tell you what, I'll bow out of this argument because if there's one thing I've learned, is that it's just not possible to change a person's opinion on race, relations, religion, or politics.

                        I could tell you till I'm blue in the face that the N word is disapproved on both sides of the skin line, and you'd keep complaining that 'it's ok for "blacks" to use it'.

                        Why am I here? Why am I pursuing a career in law enforcement? To do the job and duties well and with respect. If you're out there and you just "HAVE" to call someone a N, then there's something wrong with you. Not me.

                        Just add me to ignore or something. It's on the same page as the Buddy List. I've done it for you already.


                        • #13
                          Oh you read that the system is racist in a book so it must be true? Law Enforcement is not for people that want to come in with a chip on their shoulder. You might want to re-think that career path if that is what you want to believe.
                          Most of us here don't need to "read a book" and be told what something is because we work in it and are part of it and know what it is. Racist is the furthest thing from what it is. People that accuse the system of being "racist" are usually the guilty ones sitting behind bars that aren't out gang banging anymore.
                          Shame when people that can't even think for themselves and believe everything they are told are the best pool of applicants in Law Enforcement.

                          Heaven Help Us.


                          • #14
                            hell. I know what Im going to do. Anytime I hear a black P/O say the "N" word or call what folks crackers or honkies. Im going to make sure I take a picture and record and then run my butt up to Dugan road and my councilwoman's office and make sure they know too so these P/O's can be fired. Oh wait, Im sure the Guardian Civic leauge will be waiting to say that the P/O's words were taken out of context. (yes Im being sarcastic).

                            Many black people, myself included, don't use the slang 'ghetto friendly' version of that word that some people of any color, seem to want to use, or scatter it around like candy.
                            So do many non black people not use it as the ghetto version. These folks would not use the word if they did not hear blasted on tv and in rap music.

                            Guess what? It's ignorance. Plain and simple ignorance. So why the hell are you jealous of using it? To prove you can lower yourself too? The worst defense is "Well he did it too!"
                            So what you are saying is that there are as many black people who are ignorant as white people by using the word "N" word?
                            I don't answer recruitment messages....


                            • #15
                              good luck with that guy...glad he's out of chicago
                              In God we trust... All others check NCIC...

                              Shop smart... Shop "S" mart!

                              Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!


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