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Portland extends recruitment both Lateral and Entry


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  • Portland extends recruitment both Lateral and Entry

    Portland, Oregon announced that it will extend the sign up for the March 15, 2008 test. This recruitment will be open for signing up until 2-26-08. Follow the link[/EMAIL] for both Lateral and Entry level positions. If you have questions about the process, ask away.

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    I read somewhere on here that Portland was streamlining there hiring process...what kind of changes are they making? how long did it take to complete before as apposed to now? Thanks.


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      The streamlined background process is a work in progress at the moment. We would like to shorten the time it takes considerably. Generally from the time a person gets to the background investigator it takes 2 to 6 months, now. The time the background takes depends somewhat on the applicants timely responses and issues that need to be mitigated. Are you an Entry Level or Lateral Officer?


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        I'm entry level. I'm coming down for the test on the 15th. Any advice about the test, or hiring process?


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          Start gathering your personal reference information, you will need 12. Be patient, score high and respond as soon as possible when your background investigator calls. We usually start working on someone's background, have a question and must wait for what seems like a long time for a response. Listen to the Statement of Personal History instruction carefully and be as complete and neat as possible when filling in the information. I wish you the best and let me know how you feel about your testing experience.


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            Will do. I'm pretty excited about Portland, I have a cousin with ten years there, and an uncle who recently retired. Both have great things to say, so I hope I do well and can join the club.


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              pdx recruiter -

              Does the Personal History Questionnaire get completed during the afternoon of testing day? If so, are candidates made aware in advance the type of information they will need in order to complete the questionnaire (e.g., personal reference information, addresses of places you have lived for the last x years, etc.)? Based on other Personal History Questionnaires I've seen, a lot of the questions require some research to gather (particularly if you are an older applicant). You wouldn't necessarily have that information readily available.

              Thanks for your help.


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                AZMAN-The PHQ is completed at a later date after the test. Sorry for the confusion.


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                  how many trips to PDX are necessary to complete the process for out-of-towners? Id be coming from Philly.

                  What is the average time from written test to hire???


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                    PDX Recruiter -

                    Thanks for clarifying.

                    When are applicants notified as to whether they are invited to take the exam? I applied on-line during the most recent application period and received confirmation that my application was received. Just wondering when I could expect to hear and what form the notification would take (i.e., regular mail, e-mail, etc.).

                    Thanks again for your help.


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                      Originally posted by mjcek View Post
                      how many trips to PDX are necessary to complete the process for out-of-towners? Id be coming from Philly.

                      What is the average time from written test to hire???
                      I'm in the process with LASD and PDX. Took two trips... First was written and written psych. The next was PAT and oral interview. The oral interview is well done in PDX. Be prepared!

                      Now I'm working with a BI - says appx 4 mos turnaround.

                      Best to all...
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                        Long Process

                        That sounds like a long Background process. I am taking the test next Saturday, and Portland is number 1 on my list of depts that I would like to transfer to. I'm taking the entry exam, because I don't have enough time for lateral. I think I had to have about 10 references on my federal background, so hopefully I still have that info. I'm testing with Border Patrol, some Idaho agencies and Gresham, OR also, but I am hoping to get on with Portland. Why doesn't Oregon allow polygraphs? Wouldn't that speed up the B.I. process a little? Hmmm, kind of like the tootsie pop question....the world will never know.
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                          Does the Portland PD do a polypgraph or cvsa as part of their backround?

                          1) APPLICATION: 03/2010
                          2) PAT: 06/2010 PASSED
                          3) POLYGRAPH: 11/2010 PASSED
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                          6) BACKGROUND: PENDING
                          7) COLONEL'S DECISION: PENDING
                          8) ACADEMY: PENDING


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                            Portland does not currently do a polygraph or voice stress test because it is not allowed under state law. However, I believe I have heard scuttlebutt that the legislature is looking into requiring it sometime in the near future.


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                              Originally posted by usmcgunnerm4 View Post
                              Why doesn't Oregon allow polygraphs?

                              Probably because polys are a complete joke.


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