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    Anyone take the ORPAT or test in May?

    So far I have had the following
    • Completed the online job application
    • Taken and passed the NTN Testing
    • Taken and passed ORPAT (May 8th)
    • CPI pre-offer risk assessment, passed
    • Initial Interview, passed.
    • Recruit Background History Packet, filled out and sent in.
    • Filled out the personal history questionnaire and sent in.
    Received the following email. (June 15th)

    Dear Applicant,

    Congratulations! Your application packet has been selected to go out to the background phase of our Hiring Process. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks before you are contacted by a background investigator.

    You will be notified of any status changes during this process via e-mail.

    Thank you for your interest in the Oregon State Police and your effort during our application process.


    Oregon State Police
    Human Resources

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    Have to say, tough crowd here.


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      Lmaooooo yeah some of these forums are dead.

      I’m from New York City and I know nothing about the Oregon State Police. I just wanted to wish you good luck in your process.
      New York City Department of Correction and US Army. 🇺🇸


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        Don’t be surprised to wait at least the 8 full weeks if not longer for the investigator to contact you. Expect vague and generic answers to specific questions you have, anything beyond that is good luck. Don’t try to contact the investigator or anyone else in the process unless given instruction to do so.
        "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."- George S. Patton Jr.


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          On the off chance that you haven't seen the thread for the group that just went before you:


          Good luck.


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            Yeah these forums are pretty much dead. AJC is correct in checking that other thread. OSP is tough and looks like a lot of people get turned away. BI is what usually does it. 8 weeks seems right, expect the worst and hope for the best, refreshing your email everyday to see if it is complete wont help. You just have to sit and play the waiting game, you're on the departments time and not the other way around. Cast a wide net though is my only other advice, do not put all your eggs in one basket. If you get rejected after 8-9 weeks you are going to wish you would have been at least in the starting process with other departments cause that will be 2 months you can not get back. Good luck!


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              I know this forum is more or less dead, but in case anyone is following, I got the call from my investigator today. Very friendly lady and answered all my questions. She welcomed questions surprisingly. She set up a meeting for this coming Thursday to go over my packet, ask questions, etc. She said she has to have all of her stuff in no later than April 15th. The meeting is via FaceTime due to Covid...Will want me to give her a tour of my house and property.

              Received Congratulations email on June 15th.

              Contacted today. 41 days ago, or just one day shy of 7 weeks.


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                Incase anyone is lurking....

                Had my 3 hour video meeting with the investigator. Extremely friendly. IMO Everything went really well. Talked about everything on the packet, added a few things here and there. She called all my references today, who also say she was very friendly and had a great vibe. She told me I should expect to hear something by September 15th or sooner, and "not to sweat a thing."

                We shall see...


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                  Be advised, gov brown sent a state wide email to all state employees that they’ll need to be vaccinated by oct18 or face termination. For all you going through backgrounds or in the process just be aware.


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                    Just for time line tracking purposes -

                    My background investigator submittedthe background packet to OSP 8/20/21. 21 Days from interview date until she submitted.

                    Soooo, I was told by the OSP recruiter they will be looking at packet and sending out emails towards the end of September.

                    I'll check back then unless I hear something sooner!


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                      Again, not sure if anyone is following but I'm hoping someone sees this as a guide and it helps them in the future.

                      I got an email that I passed the background phase! They will reach out to me next week for schedule a hard date. Command interviews are October 4-8.

                      26 days since the BG packet was submitted. I was also told academy starts January 19th. (Assuming my last 3 steps are successfull.)


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                        I had my command interview on 10/04/2021.

                        This evening, 10/06/2021 I received a call from the Captain Congratulating me, and telling me that I passed and was selected to move forward. I will be receiving a conditional job offer.


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                        Once you have made it to the step of receiving the Conditional Job Offer, they then have you start getting fitted for uniforms, body armor, etc.

                        They also schedule you for the Phycological interview and the Medical test. Failing either will result in not being able to move forward. My Phycological is Scheduled for the week of October 18th. They say it can be a few weeks for results are received from it. It will be with the office Dr. Corey and Dr. Stewart.

                        Still on the rollercoaster ride...


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                          Passed Physc, Medical and Fingerprints.

                          All requirements completed. Academy is January 19th, 2022!


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                            Thanks for the updates, although the thread is quiet it will hopefully give other applicants a general timeframe from start to finish. Good luck, and be safe out there.


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