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Ride-alongs during COVID?


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  • Ride-alongs during COVID?


    Most the Oregon PDs and SOs have kept their ride-along programs suspended for the duration of the pandemic.

    I'm looking for a department that has resumed their ride-along program. I've called around to a few but calling them all would be time-consuming, so I'm first checking to see if anybody here has info.

    I'd be OK with anyplace within a couple hours of Hillsboro.


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    If you really want a ride along.. you can take the time to make the calls. But in all reality it will likely be the same all over. No department wants to be operating two,three or even 5 people out sick for TWO weeks because someone wanted a ride along.

    I am not saying it doesn’t suck, but that’s definitely the same answer you will get. It’s shut down here in Nevada some departments are even starting to consider postponing the program all together.


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      Try next year. Nobody wants to have a rider and have to wear a mask the entire shift. Think about them, not yourself. Watch Cops reruns. Same thing, more action.
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        There are also LIVE PD episodes specifically focused on rookies. I would watch those as-well, they have some input from their FTOS and give you some insight from field training perspective.

        Also, if you do end up getting a ride along remember some big points.

        1. This is a huge privilege and not a right.

        2. Show up showered,shaved and squared away. If they have to be shaved and professional, so should you.

        3. Do NOT interrupt!! You are there to observe and learn so I would strongly advise you listen to what you are told by your officer/trooper/ sheriffs deputy.

        4. Leave your phone on silent and pretend it doesn’t exist. You are there to learn not make posts or text about how awesome it is.

        5. Enjoy your ride along, this is a unique experience! I’m not saying you can’t have fun doing it but get a read on your accompanying LEO and utilize tact. Know when jokes are appropriate and get and don’t be a jerk.


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          ...and buy me lunch...


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            If you're willing to drive a few hours to Washington, there are some smaller departments doing ride alongs. I had one in October.


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