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What about these agencies?...


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  • What about these agencies?...

    I am from Portland originally, and am applying for their next test cycle. Does anyone have an INFORMED opinion about the PPD? All info I get is from my mom (an old anti-establishment hippy) and it is all negative. I am also considering Gresham, Salem, OSP, and several smaller agencies in the greater Portland and Salem areas. Any INFORMED opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Salem is great. I live just outside in Keizer, and I know some Salem officers they are good people. If you have time search through the other Oregon posts there has been some recent ones with Salem, PPB, and OSP as main topics. Hope this helps. I also have applied for the recruitment that closes on June 25th for Portland.


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      Portland would be a good agency to work for. Plenty of opprotunity and assignments that you can work. The pay is also excellent.

      The only thing that scares me with Portland is the city government and it's politics are not very supportive with their police bureau.

      Salem is a good agency to work for as well... Busy town. They are short handed on police officers and there is opprotunity to work other assignments like SWAT, Narcotics, gangs etc...

      Marion Co. Sheriff is also hiring off/on same thing as Salem except pay is less..

      Hope this helps.. Good Luck


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        Thanks guys, every little bit does help. I am moving back to the NW from Hawaii next month so I will be sure to look into 'em. I know what you mean about the politics in P-town Spartan. I grew up there and it has gotten progressively more hostile towards police due to the actions of a couple of bad decisions by a very small minoity of guys on the force there, and the hippy wannabes that run Portland now. Too bad really; it's a great city (if you like cities) and all the cops I have encountered there seem like decent people.

        How about age restrictions? I know the policy of all these departments does not restrict hiring based on age, but what are the realistic prospects for a guy that is 37 with no LE experience? I do have six years military experience as a Navy EOD guy, but that was half a lifetime ago almost. Also have an AA with honors if that helps. Oh yeah, I am a white guy too (like the driven snow!). How's the affirmative action thing working in Oregon these days? Whaddaya think? Thanks again!


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          The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office is hiring--they patrol from SE Portland area all the way out to Mt Hood.


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            Just Apply to any agency.

            There is no age cutoff for LEO's in Oregon, none that I have heard of anyway. Try OSP they are hurting really bad for troopers. I personally think that OSP is more "military friendly" meaning that they tend to acknowledge military experience a little more than other agencies. "Just my opinion".

            The negative with OSP is the state and how they are dictating money to OSP.
            Check the OSP boards for info regarding pro's and con's of working for OSP.

            Clackamas county is an excellent Sheriffs department but, highly competitive to get on with.

            Try looking at Washington state there are agencies up north that are in great need of LEO's. The nice thing with Washington state is that they are slowly but surely going to a standardized testing meaning you take 1 test and have your scores submitted to different agencies of your choosing. The down side is the testing can be expensive.


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