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    Good good afternoon everyone,

    I plan on separating from the military and April and was wondering if anyone knew any vaccancies for around that time.

    Thank you for your time.

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    That's really hard to predict.

    Most government agencies are budgeted for a specific number of positions and someone can't be hired until a position is vacated through termination, resignation, promotion, death, retirement, etc., all of which are hard to predict that far in advance.

    In addition, most west coast agencies do their hiring through competitive testing, where applicants are scored in the number of correct answers they give to questions on written and oral exams that measure their ability to perform the job they are seeking. A list is usually created based on those test scores and people are hired from the list in the order of their scores (highest first, next highest second, etc.) Most hiring lists are good for one to two years, With this in mind, in many agencies, hiring lists may already exist from which people will be called to fill vacancies that come up next April.

    It's best if you start testing now for vacancies that may come up next year. It will probably take you that long to go through all the hiring processes and phases.

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      Portland Police Bureau has a lot of vacancies right now. I'm currently in the hiring process with them now.

      I've found this website useful as well while looking for vacancies:

      Also this page has current vacancies, which is nice as you pay for however many departments you want your results sent test for multiple departments!

      Good luck in your search and thanks for your service in the military.
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        If you're separating in April, NOW is the time to start applying. A good agency will be more than happy to work with you. The process can take up to a couple months, depending on how big or small your hiring agency is. Currently, the DPSST academy is already full through March so even if you got a job offer today, you wouldn't be able to go to the academy until April or May anyway.


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          Same as what everyone else has stated- now is the time to start applying. I know McMinnville PD is hiring for 2-3 officers right now, Salem PD is hiring, and of course Portland PD is hiring, if you feel like not getting any support from the city... Sorry my $.02 made its way in there.


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