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  • Bwahahahaha. More!


    • Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
      Bwahahahaha. More!

      In Portland, there is an informal group known as "Zoobombers". They take child sized bicycles to the top of the hill by the zoo, and "bomb" the hill, often in costume and/or inebriated. They store their bicycles in a "Zoo pile", chained to a post downtown.

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      • Portland used to have the "24 Hour Church of Elvis", where people could get married by an Elvis impersonator...



        • Portland has the second-largest Chinatown gateway in the U.S., although because Portland's Chinatown is located in Old Town where the homeless problem is the worst, I made a habit of describing it to visitors as "The second-largest Chinatown gateway in the U.S....that smells like urine"...



          • Portland has an annual naked bicycle ride:



            • Portland is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the oldest drag queen in the U.S., a 90 year old homosexual transvestite who uses the stage name "Darcelle"...



              • Here's a little Portland trivia that even most Portland residents don't know- there are a couple of Portland city streets that have no speed limits- I personally have done 190 mph many times on N. Cottonwood Street.

                Here's the rest of the story:

                The city of Vanport was built during WW2, in between Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, on land reclaimed by building a big berm to hold back the river. Vanport housed the workers building the Victory Ships. Vanport was located at an elevation of about 15 feet below the river's normal water level.

                In 1948, a flood took out the berm, and flushed Vanport out of existence.

                In 1960, the area was annexed into Portland, thus the vacant streets of Vanport became Portland streets.

                In 1971, Portland International Raceway was built from those unused streets.

                N. Cottonwood Street is the front straightaway of Portland International Raceway.

                Look it up on Google Maps...
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                • Reed College, the most drug-addled college in Portland, has an actual nuclear reactor, and it's run by the students:



                  • There's a real volcano located in Portland:



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                      So there is hope..

                  • Voodoo Doughnut performs legal marriage ceremonies, and collaberated with Rogue Brewing to make a Bacon-Maple Ale.

                    They also sells a "cock and balls" doughnut with cream-filled balls, and openly homosexual Portland Mayor Sam Adams (the one that got caught in a public restroom having sex with a male child) attended a doughnut eating contest there.


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                    • A lot of people that don't live in Portland, and a lot of people that can't afford to live in $500,000+ houses, don't realize that Portland Oregon is the nude dancing capitol of the United States. Portland has WAY more nude dancing establishments per capita, than Las Vegas, LA, Miami, or anywhere else in the country.

                      Something to think about, if you have daughters, care about living in a decent neighborhood, or get tired of prostitution cases, drug cases, and the theft cases that support them.

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                      • Oops- double tap...


                        • The Unipiper is from Portland:


                          • Loretta Lynn sang about Portland and sloe gin fizz. I don't think I've ever had a slow gin fizz in my life.

                            Loretta Lynn Jack White "Portland, Oregon" - YouTube

                            My thin connection to the Portland Police Bureau:

                            I used to live in Harney County, Oregon. There's not much to do in Harney County other than kick cow sh*t, except for a few weeks in the spring when the sage rats (Belding's ground squirrels) emerge to eat and mate. When I say a single alfalfa pivot can have 10,000 rats, I'm not exaggerating. The ranchers don't like them, not only because they eat half of their alfalfa, but because the burrows damage the irrigation equipment. Shooting rats is a trigger-puller's wet dream; one could easily go through a brick of 500 .22 rounds in a few hours and that .17HMR round literally blows the little bastards in half. Back in the day, you could knock on a rancher's door and get easy permission to shoot for the day, but in recent years, a cottage industry has developed and guides lease pivots for the year and charge $200 per person, per day. I still have friends in the area and have returned several times to rat hunt since moving away in the late 1990s.

                            sage rats galore 2015 - YouTube

                            A few years ago, the PPB chief was in my old stomping grounds and accidently shot his friend in the back while shooting rats, lied about it, and *retired* shortly afterwards (like I said, thin connection here).

                            New details reveal how ex-Portland police chief misled command staff, mayor about off-duty shooting - oregonlive.com

                            Former Portland Police Chief Indicted For Shooting Friend On Hunting Trip - OPB
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                            • Received today.

                              You are receiving this message today to inform you that your initial application, Personal History Statement (PHS), and Personal History Questionnaire – Required Explanations (PHQ-RE) have been reviewed and you will be moving forward into the next stage of the process. All applicants still remaining in the process have been placed in numerical order according to their application submission date and will be assigned a background investigator as such. We ask for your patience at this time, as it is not possible to determine when you will be assigned an investigator, however, if you have questions you may contact me via e-mail and I will gladly assist you.


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                                FYI, my application submission date was 12/30.

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