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  • Commission Card Req'd

    As a LEO in Oklahoma I have always been issued a commission card when working for an agency. This as far as I know applies to all agencies municipal / county / state / even colleges. Now with DoD as a civilian police officer Dept of the Air Force I enforce Ok State, USC, CFR, and UCMJ. I have never received a card that identifies me as a police officer. I wear a badge, uniform, patches that identify me as a police officer, but that is all.

    Several questions come to mind and I am looking for answers, legal references, and opinions.

    1 is there a law requirement for commission cards to be issued, or is it just an expectation within the law that officers will have one. It is required to be carried when carrying off duty as written in the law.

    If there is no specific constitutional or legal requirement then is it administrative within a state agency or charter (ie CLEET) that is legally referred to within the law.

    How might it be applied to a federal agency or if not the agency itself, the individual officers within that agency.

    What specific requirements are there as applied to commission cards.

    If I wear a DoD Federal LEO uniform to and from work am I in violation of law as it applies to impersonation of a police officer?

    Granted these seem strange for any CLEET commissioned officer who has not experienced DoD AF Army Navy or USMC LEOs.

    The Air Force is trying to create a LEOSA ID for officers to purchase at a cost of $145 for a five yr issue relating to concealed carry. several problems with this ID right off are, it only relates to LEOSA CCW. It is optional, it can be refused through application procedure, it has to be renewed, it doesn't appear to ne required as a term of employment or job duties, it can be rescinded at any given moment,

    The Air Force provides a ballistic vest, helmet, duty belt, holster, cuffs, duty weapon, M4, just about everything you need to perform your duties. Yet they feel an ID that identifies their police officers is not a requirement.

    THOUGHTS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, REFERENCES, ETC. Any help here would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't know how many changes there have been since I left the Air Force as an SP, but our DOD officers were not allowed to carry off base or off duty. They were issued their guns when they came on duty and turned them in when their shift was over.

    They were issued a "weapons card" which was a card authorizing carry while on duty on base. The ID cards similar to commission cards were only issued to investigators such as AFOSI whose duties may have led them off base or across the country.

    As a member of the Security Police, by AF regs I was not even allowed to carry a badge or ID off duty.

    Not that you've entered the Federal system, CLEET no longer applies. No more CLEET updates or schools. The Feds have their own system of continuing education. As for going to and from work, nobody will care unless you involve yourself in an incident off base.
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