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    Anybody here aiming to get into the Tulsa PD?

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    With a rifle and 40 spare mags! Im always looking to get in that way! Or diid you mean employment?


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        lol nope no only got 62 hours and thats all I want.


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          62hrs will get you in OHP. Tulsa is wanting a 4 year right?


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            tulsa wants a 4 year and I know I'm not God so troopers are out. I have a good job now.


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              hehe, deputynok i take it your not a big fan of OHP.


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                What's wrong with



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                  Lay Offs for TPD???

                  I'm still in this latest hiring process with TPD. I received an email from the background investigator two weeks ago asking if I was still interested. They had to cancel the last class and postpone the July 09 class due to budget constraints. The email stated the city council accepted the COPS grant so they were going to be selecting around 20 people on Nov 25th for a class to start on Jan 4th, 2010.

                  Today, I read on (Tulsa news station) that the dept is being cut another $2M; the chief is talking lay-offs. The implication is that the January class may now be cancelled.


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                    I wouldn't be surprised if their academy got cancelled. Our department is also under instructions to cut the budget by $2 million. I'm hoping the current recruit class (which has about 1 month of the academy left before entering FTO) doesn't wind up getting the axe. I don't think that will happen. I'm thinking we can find other places to make the cuts.
                    Anything worth shooting is worth shooting 3 or 4 times.



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                      I thought only 28 or so would be in line for the latest academy (that's how many email addresses were on the "still interested" forward I got a month or so ago), but if you got one this month, RuffHouse, then that means there's a lot more applicants they have to choose from! Yikes! And that's even IF they have an academy in January! Keep us posted if you hear anything!


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                        I know the COPS grant paid for 18 positions. I was in, and made it through the process all the way to selection for the July 09 academy, until it got cancelled. Cpl Alexander told me they would roll the names of those who made it TO (not thru) selection into the next hiring process for the March 2010 academy. He explained that they would still be taking application for that academy through January of 2010 - SO, in theory, even though you may have been good to go for the July 2009 (before it got cancelled), you might get bumped for the March 2010 academy should there be better applicants (i.e. you could get bumped down the list). Then they moved the March academy forward to January 2010. (I know you all know all this, so I'm not sure why I'm wasting your time.)

                        I spoke with Sgt Sherwood (in charge of the recruitment section) yesterday. He confirmed, in fact, that the Jan 2010 academy was now in question and that it was not looking real good. He said his staff was frustrated and he knows we are too. The one thing going for them, he said, is that the Mayoral election in this fall. He can't imagine the new mayor not supporting an academy. He said he doesn't remember the last time they went this long without one.

                        I'm actually in the process with the Kansas Highway Patrol and it's looking good. I'm currently in the KC area and would prefer not to have to move we'll see how all this pans outs.

                        Good luck!


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                          Thanks Ruffhouse. I'm sure the TPD staff is frustrated as much as we are. I met some of them and they seem a lot more professional than some other departments I've interacted with in the past.
                          If you don't find yourself in Tulsa, then serve well in Kansas!


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                            Heard today that 21 officers are getting laid off tomorrow in TPD? Is this true?


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                              TPD Layoffs Likely

                              Last week we told you about possible layoffs at the Tulsa Police Department. And now it's looking like it's one step closer to becoming a reality. Tomorrow Mayor Kathy Taylor will present the latest budget plan to city council. And it could include laying off almost 2-dozen police officers. Fox 23's Douglas Clark has new information.

                              Fox 23 has learned the police department could lay off 21 officers, as it tries to trim $2 million from its budget. But even if the department lays off 21 officers, a federal grant that was approved earlier this month, will still allow the department to hire up to 18 of those laid off officers back.

                              But that means the department would still be 3 officers lighter. This is where they're hoping to make up the $2 million, in addition to other cost-cutting measures.

                              Mayor Kathy Taylor has been looking to cut millions more from the budget, following a sharp drop in sales tax revenue. Friday was the deadline for all department heads to submit their ideas for cutting costs. In her report to council tomorrow, the mayor will reveal where those cuts will come from.

                              The city as a whole needs to trim $6 million from the original budget plan. That's on top of $10 million worth of cuts made when that budget plan went into effect July 1st, which required city workers to take 8 furlough days.

                              The second round of cuts follow a steep drop in September sales tax receipts, which came in more than 5% below expectations.

                              Unlike the police department, the fire department says it should be able to avoid layoffs through other cost-cutting moves.

                              Chief Ron Palmer says if TPD has to lay off people, departments would be restructured and those working in special divisions would be moved to patrol division.

                              Mayor Taylor says some of the less important departments may be asked to cut more than departments like police and fire, so the city can maintain public safety.

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