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    WARR ACRES — Sgt. Scott Schatzer, 39, an 18-year police veteran and canine officer has been released from a hospital after being shot Thursday night.

    A bullet-proof vest stopped a bullet fired at his chest, Sgt. Hugh Osborn said this morning. A police dog named Leery was also in the car but was unharmed.

    About 6:30 a.m., Warr Acres and Oklahoma City police arrested a woman in the 2300 block of NW 22, police said. One male remains at-large.

    The officer also wounded two men who are in custody, Warr Acres police said.

    The location of the shooting is south of Northwest Expressway and east of N MacArthur Blvd. in the 7200 block of Ann Arbor Place, a newly-developed addition called Cherokee Crossings.

    The officer was making a traffic stop in the 5700 block of Northwest Expressway when at least one occupant of the car opened fire. The officer radioed that he had returned fire and shot two of the men.
    Thoughts and prayers to the Warr Acres Police Dept. Hang tough Sgt. Schatzer, I'm Glad you got sent home and are appearantly doing well. To all my LE brothers and sisters,ALWAYS wear your vest and stay vigilant.
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    i met that officer when a friend of mine worked there, solid dude.

    glad he is ok.

    hey norman, call a brother once in awhile you plick!
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      That happened right across from where I currently work. I'm glad the Officer is okay and hopefully they find the remaining person at large.

      I tuned into OCFD's scanner while at work last night and could hear them searching all over.


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        Listen to the audio...its not a good feeling, however I will say this...that dispatcher was extremely calm compared to most I've seen. Kudos to him. Good to hear the Sgt. is doing ok and the turds aren't
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