Hey Everyone!
The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation is looking to hire for a few "Medicaid Special Agent" positions.
Check it out.

Medicaid Special Agent (3 positions)
Application Deadline: 2/25/2008
Section and Location: Health Care Fraud - Columbus

Minimum Qualifications
Completion of undergraduate core program in criminology or related field; 12 mos. trg. or 12 mos. exp. in audit/investigation procedures; 12 mos. trg. or 12 mos. exp. in interviewing; 6 mos. trg. or 6 mos. exp. in public relations - OR 5 yrs. exp. in position involved in audit/investigation procedures in another governmental jurisdiction (e.g., police, county sheriff). Direct deposit of all compensation of the person selected for appointment is a minimum qualification for appointment to this position.