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I think some of you guys took me the wrong way...


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  • I think some of you guys took me the wrong way...

    I appologize if anything i said offended anyone. I was not saying that campus police was not necessary or that they were not LEO. I'm sorry if you guys took it this way. Let me explain my background....i grew up in an extremely small town (approx. 1400 people) before moving to columbus. We had all of 2 police officers and i knew both of them. So i guess when i am comparing the action that a department has I am using my home town as a basis where they were lucky if they had a Domestic disturbance call in a weeks time. No hard feelings toward anyone, i just wanted to clear the air.

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    No hard feelings but you made a mistake in saying university police officers are “glorified security guards”. As a university police officer I have investigated murders, rapes, child molesting, burglaries, drug dealers, vehicle pursuits, suicides, etc. So yeah, we UPD officers take offense being called security guards. The population of my campus (my university has seven campuses) is +40K. Many people don’t realize what goes on at a college/university campus. Perhaps you should arrange a ride along with OSU PD.


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      Not coming down on you Osubuck and it was good of you to clarify what you were thinking.
      10-6 is right though. Probably the misunderstanding comes from the fact that they do such a good job that you never realize as a college student what is going on around you and how dangerous it actually is. 10-6 has 40K students. OSU has what 55K plus students? That's nothing to sneeze at. When we go down there, there is basically no difference between the sheriff's office, oshp, cpd or osu pd. We all work together.
      I know you didn't mean to come across the way you did but you have to realize that upd's are not where the guys who couldn't get on in the city go. They're great officers.


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        No hard feelings at all. All we wanted to do was educate you and hopefully you can pass the word about campus law enforcement. Its still all a brotherhood from the lowest man on the totem pole ( me ) to the top. God bless everyone in the field and be safe.
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