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    Next summer I'll be old enough to be an auxiliary officer for the Cleveland PD but I was wondering if, for some reason, you need to live within Cleveland city limits to do so. A lot of the others cities in my area require you to be older (I think) so I'd really like to do this until ,hopefully, someday I may become a full time officer . Thanks guys!

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    I believe if it is the same for the city pd's as it is for the County sheriff offices, as long as you live within an adjoining county of the department you are able to work there. Some cities have a 30 mile air radius restriction.

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      Good to hear. Thanks!


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        Oh yeah I'm sure it's their auxiliaries. I happened to read somewhere (cleveland.com I think) about Cleveland's auxiliaries and it mentioned you need to be 18 years old.

        Here's a link: http://www.cleveland.com/crime/index.../programs.html

        scroll towards the center
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          I had someone in my police academy class who had been an auxiliary officer for months before joining the academy as an open enrollment. So I'm very sure that certification is NOT required. Reserves and Auxiliary are totally different pretty much everywhere I've looked (Lorain County, Cuyahoga County Suburbs).


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            The auxiliary in my class actually failed the academy, and he's back working with the SO as an aux. It may be a department by department decision, or perhaps I saw the one exception to the rule. I dunno for sure.


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              FYI, CPD aux. is not a sworn position, and you do not need to be certified by OPOTA. You do need to live in the city. They do not have enforcement powers, are not armed and are not sworn. They mostly provide for eyes and ears for the department, patrolling out of base stations, supervised by sworn officers They are called out for emergencies, traffic control and things of that nature. If you are interested in a sworn aux. or reserve position, CPD does not offer anything like that. Several suburbs do (Garfield Heights and parma come to mind), as does some of the sheriffs departments. Good luck


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