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  • OPOTA Multiple Choice

    Hi all,

    I'm currently sponsored by a large agency and attending an in-house academy; were a chunk of the way through basic and thankfully I'm scoring pretty average and above on tests. I have a lot riding on passing that final OPOTA written (I'm not worried about the physical) and I'm looking for a little more information on it as it seems to be a closely guarded secret - we are told very little about it other than it is 200 questions.

    I write this as I am trying to remember six thousand ORC codes, mental states and the associated charges and I am curious to hear from those with no prior experience as to just how hard they found the test overall. It goes without saying I am studying.

    I know our own testing will have similarities to the OPOTA but I am unable to find any decent practice test or gather more information other than if you fail it twice, you are done. Some have told me you need almost try to fail it to not pass and others have suggested it is hard. I understand this is subjective to each individual but I am curious as to what the general consensus is in relation to the OPOTA - I'm curious as to the pass rate if anyone knows of a figure?

    I understand many will not talk about this, but any boost of morale would be appreciated.

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    I think you’re desperate to receive an answer in the sense as to not get exactly the answer but something close to it because you’re in doubt. No one is going to discuss this his due to the complexity of the exam and the rewards of gaining your certification and no one is going to put their cert., at risk. I suggest you stay in the books and continue studying, get with a study group and discuss weakness and strengths amongst each other or with your spouse. You dig to deep in searching for an answer of something that is not intended on being disclosed, you may see yourself already out of the process. People monitor this site for that reason so think about the consequences should someone reveal information they shouldn’t to you. Also, it’s not acceptable to put people in a position to disclose information that’s not intended to be released. Professional courtesy. But, I do wish you the best of luck and I think if you study hard enough you will pass.


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      Just to add to that...OPOTA gives you all the answers through the long as your agency is teaching you the required material and you are studying it you will be fine. Do not overthink this. Adam is correct in that anyone giving you answers or advice on the test is jeopardizing their own careers. Do what everyone else


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        I passed by 1 question back about 6 years ago. Most of our people passed, I think only one may have failed that actually took the test. I will give you a bit of insight, you need to review everything, just not SPO's. As long as you have paid attention and are doing well with class, you will be fine. Prepare for the test like anything, sleep , eat correct and be ready!!


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