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Extention On Opota PT test


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  • Extention On Opota PT test

    I was wondering if Opota gives extensions on physical tests? I am nearing the end of my academy here in a month or so, but in the middle of the academy i broke my hand (in one of the academy classes) and was unable to run for 4 weeks and unable to lift weights for 2.5 months. Im mainly worried that i will most likely be unable to complete my pushups. Does this sound reasonable enough to get an extension? and also who would i contact?

    thank you

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    incorrect, the commader is not a medical doctor.
    we had 2 cadets get medical extensions. all you have to do is go to the attorney general website and you can find it listed under the forms section. the doctor then fills it out and you return it to your commander. the sooner the better, out CC's were unhappy about it but o well **** em, it's your life and career
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      We had a girl in my class that got an extension becuase of her knee. They gave her 2 mnths after the Dr cleared her and she still didn't pass but that was because she wouldnt believe she had to pass the physical to get certified, OOPS! And this was OPOTA.
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