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Cincinnati area department research for possible lateral.


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  • Cincinnati area department research for possible lateral.

    Hi all,

    For the last 11 years, I have been a LEO in the Denver area of Colorado and the DFW area of Texas (06-17). My wife, son, and I recently moved to Ohio, and my research coming here was incomplete. It has caused some headache for us. Although the pay and STEP increases are really nice here, ALL Departments work 8 hour shifts. (I've always worked 10's and 12's and love both) I don't mind working nights or weekends, but I'm not super interested in Wed. Thursday off and working 11P to 7A five days a week for the foreseeable future and never seeing my wife and son. I'm good with those hours if I can get more and better days off to spend quality time with the family. So my bad on due diligence there... Hence this post. The current company is not doing so well so other job prospects have opened up to include one in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. When I got to Columbus I found multiple barriers to getting back into LE. Some were my preferences and others were agency imposed.

    I understand (as I have done so before) a new agency means the bottom of seniority. I get it and its not an issue. However, several agencies here will not hire after age 35 (I'm now 40 as of a few days ago). In addition, all agencies in this area work 8 hour shifts. Coming from 10s and 12s with my past two departments, 8’s are pretty much a deal breaker (skip to the end for my thoughts on 8, 10, 12 hour shifts). I do however miss policing a TON. So a move may help me get back in.

    I have some questions about the Cincy area departments in OH.
    1. I would like a department with at least 40 officers (closer to 100 would be a bonus) and a decent level of activity. What are some recommendations?
    2. I would like a department with 10 or 12 hour shifts. Are there any?
    3. My license is still active in TX. Are there abbreviated academy options in the area? I am aware of OPATA and they won't help me with anything unless I am hired by a department.
    4. Can I live in KY and Police in OH or vice versa?
    5. What are some good areas on the OH side to live in? Good school districts and a decent commute to downtown (for the wife)?
    6. Do the OH departments have any age restrictions?
    7. Which area is better to live in, OH or KY? Keep in mind the commute.

    Here are some general questions about the area.
    1. What shift structure is most common in the area (8, 10, 12?) Rotating days off? Same every week?
    2. Do Departments in the area hire laterals? Lateral Pay? Shortened Academy?
    3. Starting pay (generally), Top out pay (roughly) and how long to reach top out? (CO was 5 years, TX was 20, and OH is 3-4...)

    Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give!

    As for Shifts, here was my schedule in TX on 12's. Work Mon Tues. Off Wed Thurs. Work Fri Sat Sun. Off Mon Tues. Work Wed Thursday Off Fri Sat Sun.

    This way everyone gets every other weekend off. A THREE day weekend... FAIR TO ALL Officers. Work 7 out of 14 days. Schedule your Vacation strategically and you can take a full 7 days for just 24 hours of Vacation time. Plus you can actually do work during your shift.

    8's: IMO stink cause you can't get much done between loading up / briefing to start the shift, unloading after shift, and lunch. Then with 8's and no seniority, you get 2 crappy weekdays off as your "weekend" for years on end until you get enough seniority. You also have to work 10 out of 14 days on Graves/deep nights making it hard to adjust back to a real life schedule when you are off for just two days. Again, just one man’s opinion

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