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  • Cleveland Police Department

    Hey everyone. Figured I would start an official thread for the upcoming hiring process starting here in April.

    Anyone else apply for the test?

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    I am also taking the April exam. I believe there are approx. 1300 people taking it. Or at least that many people have signed up to take it. I have heard they are only hiring 150 max. I've also heard that they plan to have these 150 new officers on the street by the end of the year????????????

    The wirtten isn't until the middle of April and there going to have 150 officers processed , trained and on the streets by the end of the year????????????????????????????????

    I'd like to know how they plan on accomplishing that.

    By the way , have you checked out the physical fitness requirements?

    1.5 miles in under 11:58? I don't know too many people off the street that can come in in that time!!

    This is going to be interesting.


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      Theres going to be alot of heat on these new officers, especially with the amount of Officer Related Shootings that have happened. So, I definately hope they don't rush their process.

      (If you want to train for the mile and a half, get on a treadmill put it on 7.7 and run for 12minutes at a time, then bump up to 7.8 12minutes etc, you'll be in like money)


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        the recruiting poster I saw for cleveland said

        "Minoritys and women are encouraged to apply"

        does that really mean

        "everybody but white men are encouraged to apply" ???????????


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          I also signed up for the Cleveland police test. The mile in 11:58 is what you have to pass in the academy. On the site, they did stated the PAT would consist of running, climbing stairs, clearing fences, etc.


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            I'll see you guys bright and early this Saturday. Good luck to everyone!


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              Yea, good luck to everyone. I am so pumped. I am wanted to test with Cleveland for a while now. Hopefully the test is as easy as the practice.


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                Tomorrows the big day. Good luck to everyone. See you at 9 sharp!


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                  Well, that was not bad. Now the waiting game.
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                    Yeah, that wasnt bad at all. Did you see the number of people that turned out? What was that, about 1,800 people? Half of them shouldn't have even wasted their time. I can tell with just one look that they were in no shape to pass any physical agility test. Oh well, i guess we just sit and wait. Any idea how long? Anybody take Atlanta's test yesterday?


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                      [QUOTE=JustinTyme] Any idea how long? /QUOTE]

                      I know I took Akron's test and it took a month to get the scores back and there was 1300 for that test.


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                        Are they going to hire back any of the guys they fired/ laid off a year or so ago? I hear its a pretty unstable market around there?


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