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    Hey guys I had some questions about CPD. I seen that they are hiring officers, does anyone know how many they are hiring? What about the vital information pay, benefits etc. I searched the cities website and it’s not to helpful. I’m from Toledo, about 90 miles away and I was wondering if it’s worth going to Cleveland, I hear they are always laying people off. But basically I was just looking for some basic info, or a recruiter’s number. If anyone can help me I would like it thanks!


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    apply to Columbus. Cleveland is a city in need of a lot of things. Columbus hires continuously and has good equipment and pay is really good. Check them out. Stay away from Cleveland PD as best you can. Even if they do hire, they will hire the people they layed off the years before.

    As a former Toledo resident, don't work for TPD either. LOL.


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      Haha Toledo, is the butt hole of Ohio! I took the test for a dept in NC, and I was thinking about just sticking with them, since I passed the PT test, and written. But like they say there is no place like home, and it would be nice to be by some family. But I'm former military, so being away from my family isn't a big deal but I would like a social foundation, sounds kinda weird and mushy but oh well. But thanks for the response!


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        Yeah I spent Two years in Toledo going to school there so I feel ya on that one. I looked into NC as well. Nice state. Too bad the pay is so bad. If I don't get hired next week by this Cleveland suburb then I will apply in NC too.

        Where'd ya apply at?

        Also, be sure to apply anywhere you can (besides Cleveland) cause these dept play tricks with your life and mind and soul. Apply apply apply.


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          So it a waste of time to go to Cleveland? I read something they are hurting for officers. Whats the possibility of them hiring back the people they laid off?


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