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    Does anyone know someone one who is a HCSO correction officer? I’m just curious what their hiring process is like etc. I did get all the info off their web site (hcso.org)..I’m just looking for some person experiences.

    I know that to get to roal patrol you either have to start in corrections or their special deputy program. Any one have any advice one which one is better?

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    Disclaimer: This information is provided to me by folks who work there; I have no firsthand experience. With that said, HCSO, from what I've been told, is a decent place to start. I've heard that it can be incredibly difficult to get out of the jail, especially if you are not on the Sheriff's "good" side. Pretty political place, and of the folks I've personally known who worked there: 3 resigned, 1 left for Cinti PD and 2 still work there. As a side note, they all said the special deputy program is NOT a feeder for road patrol; in other words, you can't become a special deputy and then try and slide into patrol. Full time regular employees and "specials" are two totally different things.


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      Thanks for the info. I have been told the exact same thing, that it's a very political place and hard to get out of the jail if you do not know anyone higher up.

      I talked to a few road deputy's once, that is where I got the info about the special program. One of them started as a special, then went to the road. The way he explained it was that HCSO offers a test to specials they feel might be able to make it on the road. IF they pass that and some other stuff, they are then hired to the sheriff's office. When you are a special, you are not really part of the sheriff's office, but still
      have "police powers" when you are working a detail for them.

      Kind confusing to me. If nothing else, sounds like their special program is a good way to at least get some experience and get state certified. If you go threw their academy, you just have to agree to stay for 3 years.


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        I have spent the last 17 years with the HCSO and 4 of that was in the jail. Its not hard to get out of the jail. All you have to do is, your job, be on time, minimum sick time useage, and above all is not to complain about being in the jail. There is a (I think) 10 week training academy. You have to do aleast 2 years before the sheriff will allow you to attend his patrol academy. Once you pass the state test and can carry, you will be able to take his road patrol test. Or you also can go into his Court Services Division. Which is Monday thru Friday and weekends and holidays off.

        Any more questions just PM me and I will get your phone number and we will talk.
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