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    Has anybody heard whether or not the Middletown PD was a good dept. to work for? I'm looking for a dept. that gets decent number of calls around the Middletown surrounding area. Anybody testing?

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    No firsthand experience, but from what I've heard through a friend of a friend who is a Middletown cop is that things are not too positive right now. If you're from the area, I'm sure you know about the failed levy and the impending cuts (laying off firefighters and closing firehouses). I'm sure the police will take a hit somewhat as well. Don't know of any other agencies currently testing in the area, but if you're willing to go across the river, it seems as though agencies in Kentucky are hiring wide open (I've noticed a KY police vacancy ad in the Enquirer sunday jobs section every week for the past several months). Are you currently OPOTA certified? If you are, there are some auxiliary/part-time spots you could use to get in the door (Metroparks ranger, Fairfield park ranger, etc.). Best of luck in your search.

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      I'm originally from Middletown, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. My old college roommate is a cop in Hamilton, so I can ask when they're giving a test. I wouldn't bet on staying in Mtown, as all things mentioned above, plus with the AK strike not ending soon, the town is kind of going to crap.


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        I grew up in Middletown and still get back there on occasion. The town has gone way down hill in the past 20 years or so. The AK strike that has gone on forever has really put a bind on government finances. When I was there last month, there was much talk about laying off public servants, especially police and fire. They are already understaffed, underpaied, and over worked, so this will only add insult to injury. There is no end in sight to the AK strike, so I wouldn't count on too much from Middletown for awhile.
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          Thank you

          Thank you for your response. I agree, Middletown does seem to be on the way down. I heard that Lebanon is hiring 2 officers. Monroe is going to be hiring in the near future. Mason is exhausting a list. If you know when Hamilton will be testing again that would be great. Thanks again.


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