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  • CPD out of state LEO Applicants

    Can any one tell me if Columbus has an out of state applicant testing process? I've applied and have recieved the study guide, but I have not been able to find out if they will stream line the process for out of staters. I'm still waiting for the letter to allow me to take the test.

    I've tried calling the phone number, but have had zero luck. Also does anyone know if CPD pays extra for bi-lingual officers? Is there any idea on how many officers they have funding to hire? What time of the year does CPD normally start their academy?

    I'm orginally from Ohio and would love to get a job back in Ohio.

    DiverB--USBP AZ

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    I don't THINK CPD has an out of state process. There are so many applicants here (~5000) that they don't really need to recruit like LAPD and Phoenix PD. As for Bi-Lingual, I don't see anything on the site about it, but I can't say for sure. As for funding, CPD is going to put a class of 75 through in Dec, which I'm hopefully going to be in and another 75 class next July. They ARE looking to fill some spots due to retirements and such. I'd guess they're going to have two more classes after July of 75 recruits or so. I'd try calling them some more for other info.
    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for the info. 5000 is alot of applicants, but then again 1/3 will be DQ'd right off the bat and work their way down from there. How long have you been in the hiring process? If you think you will make Dec academy, when did you test last for them? I'm guessing its a yr long process. I remeber when I tested for Border Patrol and all their hoops to jump thru, it was 13 months till I left for the academy.

      I'd really like to make it to Ohio since my folks are aging and my brother is there, but quiting here means I'd have to give up my K9 and that just plum sucks to think about.

      I apperciate the info, and best of luck to you. I'm waiting for the invite letter to arrive to test now.



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        Hmmmm....I think I took the test this past December/January. So yes, the process was/is about a year. Unfortunately for you, you'll probably have to travel here for every step. I'd think the move would be worth it, as everything I've heard/seen about Cbus PD is great. Good luck with the process, if you decide to go through with it.


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          Out of state process

          Diver B,

          We do not have an "out of state" process per se. But if, and when, you pass the written the background investigator will help with trying to get your polygraph/pre-interview and physical all scheduled at the same time. Hopefully this will cut down on the times you need to come to Columbus.
          I was just up working in background temporarily a couple of weeks ago, so I am pretty sure that info is current.
          Unfortunately, the other person is correct, from application to academy appointment will take around a year. Just remember it is a large department with a lot of steps to get where you want, but it is a good department to work for.

          Good Luck,


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            I came over to CPD from NJ where I was a cop. I had to fly or drive to Columbus about 6 times during the process. It sucked and cost a boatload of money but it was well worth it. CPD is a great agency. They did condense a few things for me and give me plenty of advance notice when I needed to come out though. Hope this helps.


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              I spoke with one of our background guys yesterday (Saturday) and asked him about the out of state people, just to clarify.
              He said they do like I said and combine several parts of the process for out of state people, but you will still probably en dup making at least 4 trips to Columbus throughout the process.
              Hope this helps,


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                How is the home interview portion handled for out of state applicants? I am single and live by myself. They are welcome to come to my home but its 3 hrs south of Columbus.


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                  The background guy I know said they still drive all over Ohio to do home interviews.
                  In your case, single and 3 hours away, they may opt for a phone interview, but I know they prefer meeting face-to-face if possible.
                  Good luck.


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