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    Anyone know of any agencies hiring in Ohio or giving tests? Thanks

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    Everyone's budget is blown because of gas prices. Good luck finding a paid position. Cleveland still has about 200 laid off officers, Columbus always says they're recruiting but only puts on 1 or 2 academies a year if that, Dayton...well there is a reason why no one wants to apply there, Cinci will hire 200 officers at once, but will have a pool of 5000 applicants.

    Most of the smaller departments are hiring, but maybe 2 or 3 officers at a time. When I took Dublin's test they were hiring 4, and they had 2 test dates (friday, saturday). I think about 800 showed up for each.

    That's the way central Ohio is. 4 positions. 1600 applicants. Everyone is certified. No one is hiring.
    -Stay safe


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      Sounds like someone has a sour taste in their mouth. For one, gas prices have nothing to do with so called lack of hiring and such. Second, true some of the smaller departments only hire a few at a time, but you won't know unless you try. Also, you must not know anything about Dayton, because they used to be a place no one wanted to work, and granted it's not the best place, but they are a department that is improving greatly. They have made many changes and are continuing to do so, however, they just had their test a little while ago. Keep your ears open for job opportunites and you'll find one. I don't know of any right now, but that could be because I'm not really looking. While Ohio may not have openings left and right like others, that isnt a bad thing, we aren't depserate for officers like other states, which is a good thing. Good luck


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        Keep Trying

        I feel compelled to reply, here.. Before I got my job with FCSO, I shared some of your concerns, J Mann. True, this is an extremley saturated market. I faced a flood of other applicants when I went through my hiring process, but that didn't stop me. Yes, you're right: There are many certified applicants in Central Ohio and around the state in general. But you can't allow a sour taste in your mouth prevent you from trying. And you should not discourage potential LEO's from applying here in Ohio.

        To all potential Ohio applicants, regardless of wether you want to be a police officer, deputy, trooper, or C.O.: You Must Not Stop Trying. You will NEVER get hired unless you try out like everyone else. Don't let the numbers game fool you. Don't be intimidated by the number of other applicants in the room, or the alleged number of "slots" availible. Be flexible, but don't give up. Best of luck to all of you.


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          FYI...Columbus PD put through a class of 75 recruits in Dec 05, 30 recruits in June 06, and has 75 recruits in Dec 06. I'm told they want a couple hundred more in the next couple of years due to mass retirements. keep checking the website.


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