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Ohio Highway Patrol Academy?


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  • Ohio Highway Patrol Academy?

    Has anyone been to the OHP Academy? If so what is a typical day of pt like? I am supposed to start in August and I want to make sure I am doing enough to get ready.

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    Ohio Patrol

    Not like it used to be when I came on, seems like they had to adjust the reuirements in order for the women to compete or better yet graduate from the academy. I don't belive they get you up at 2 or 3 am and go for a little jaunt. I think they got rid of boxing week as well. I am sure you'll be give enough PT and conditioning. Just remember they better shape you are in and STAY IN will keep you alive out there and assist your fellow Troopers. Hope you make it, some really get to graduate but even fewer last long enough to retire


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      Thanks for the advice. It makes sense, you dont want to be in worse shape than the person you are trying to get off the street.


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        I saw in your first post that you say you are supposed to start in august? I just started in June and they have two classes going right now. A typical day in P.T. consists of about a 2 mile run followed by several exercise including push-ups, sit-ups, moutain climbers, and jumping jacks. they have a few other exercises they like to throw in there that really suck but it won't kill you. By far the hardest thing yet is circuit training. In a few words, that is hell. Best advice i can give is being able to run and be able to do it at a fast pace. i could run 3 miles before i got in but at the pace they go it has become a struggle to stay up. Let me know about your start date because i am little curious about august. Are you going into the OSHP or are you taking a basic class?

        As for trooperden, they did indeed get rid of boxing week. I am still waiting for them to come knock on my door at 2 or 3 in the morning.


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          Get your butt in SHAPE. It's still not an easy cake walk.
          You will be taught by some of the best in Ohio.

          If you are going in as a OSHP Trooper be in shape or stay home.

          If you are going as an officer with another agency to an OSHP taught Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy it may be a bit easier.


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            What kind of pace are you running at now??
            I am trying to get up to 3, 8min. miles in under 30 min.
            Run 1 mi. walk for 1 or 2 min and run the next mile.

            Would you suggest doing 3 mi. straight through in the same time?
            or something different.

            Thanks for the input
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              ITOscar I noticed that you are currently in the OSHP academy. I'm am scheduled to start a Fall class. I was told that it will be either in November or December. One thing I was curious about was that your occupation is a Network Administrator. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, and I work in that the Network field too. The only thing I have done remotely related to law enforcement was that I served in the Marine Corps, but that's about it. Most people I have talked to have told me that I am crazy for quitting my good job and going into the Patrol. Even my background investigator said to me that I've got a great job now and told me me that I better really think about what I'm doing. I've always had the desire though to be a Ohio State Trooper. I'm just curious if you had many people telling you the same thing? Also, are you finding the Academy really difficult?


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                redmonna, Prior to joining the patrol I had zero experience in law enforcement like you. I also had a really good job and still keep in touch with my old boss. I have a CIS degree and I had been doing that for about 4 years. Two years at my last job. Being an Ohio State Trooper is something that I never thought I was qualified to do but had always wanted to do. It is something that just pulls at me to become. You probably know exactly what I am saying. As for leaving the networking field - I never had anyone really call me crazy or say anything to me. In fact, everyone is supportive and thinks this decision was the best thing I could have done. With the exception of girlfriend of course - she is just scared because of all the crazies out there.

                The way I see it is you have to go where your heart leads and that is all you can do. This is where mine wants me to be so here I am. As for the academy being difficult - well, in one word, yes. I never served in the military so I don't have that experience but the academy is definitely tough. I just end up taking baby steps so to speak. One day at a time. It is just a lot to memorize and learn in such a short time that they cram it in every way they can. It is more mental stress then physical. Physical training will push you but you'll be alright as long as you have been running. That is their big thing - they will make you run. So, yes it is difficult but it won't kill you - at least I hope not. There have been a few days but those are long stories

                As for chevyman, the last timed run we did was 1.5 miles at a pace of 11:30. We ran about three miles that day but that is the time they told us at 1.5 miles. That should give you something to base your times off of. Running three miles is fine but you have to keep up with their pace and each instructor is different. I would suggest the three mile straight through. Basically, when you do P.T. you run twice with a break in the middle. You'll find out when you get here - as long as you can run for about three miles I would say you


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                  ITOscar, I talked to a trooper yesterday that was down at the academy for a meeting yesterday. He talked to the Sgt. in charge of recruiting and was told that there has been several that have dropped out of your class. He even said several were prior military. What was the reason that so many are dropping out? Is it because they don't like the mind games and being told what to do, or did they not realize when they signed up what they were getting themselves into? It kinda concerns me that I'm a prior Marine and prior military can't even take it.

                  Another concern I had is do the intructors kick certain cadets out of the Academy or do they try to keep eveyone? I would hate to quit my job and go down there this fall and be let go for some silly reason. If I decide to go through with this I'm going to finish it and not quit. I'm not going to put my family through this and just quit. My mindset is that I really want to do this and they would have to practically drag me out. I've got a wife and little baby to support at home. So financialy I would have to stick with it.

                  I guess the last question I have for you is if you find classwork very difficult? You mentioned that you had homework to do last weekend.

                  Sorry I'm asking you all of these questions. I just want to make sure I know the facts. Thank you for your input.


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                    redmonna, my class started with 65 back on June 8th and we are down to 45 right now. Several of those that dropped out were prior military and several others had absolutely no problem with the physical part because they were in such good shape. As to why people drop out - my guess is that they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. The academy has been compared to a 6 month military boot camp. Being prior military yourself, would you want 6 months of boot camp all over again? It is nonstop, almost all the time right now. I imagine in it is just going to get faster and more intense as it goes along. My class enters phase II of training on the 29th so we will see where that takes us. I think those people that dropped out didn't really want to be troopers. What I mean is they probably just followed the motions to get in and never really planned to dedicate themselves to what it takes to become and remain a trooper. If this is what you want and what you want to be then nothing the academy throws at you can stop you from accomplishing that. Those who dropped didn't have that dedication or commitment. If you are on the fence right now then you definitely need to make a decision because if you go in half-*** you will fail.

                    Here is how it goes for being kicked out. Yes, they can remove you and throw you out at any time. However, they have a lot of money invested in you and everyone else they process. They aren't going to throw you out without cause. If you aren't up to par physically they will put you with a trooper for one on one training. If you fail a test, you get a week of retakes to pass it. You can retake it 6 or 7 times if not more. They will do everything in their power to make sure you pass. If you put forth the effort no matter how deficient, you may be in one category they will help you out. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about being tossed. Unless you really just can't do something or you set the major's car on fire they won't kick you out.

                    Homework is not difficult in my opinion. The hard part is memorizing and knowing it for the next week. You have inspection every day and at inspection, they will quiz you about something you just took yesterday. It's crazy. They just expect you to remember everything. Unless you study every night and stay on top of your homework and your notebook you can be screwed real fast. They do this because they want to put you under as much pressure as possible to see if you can handle it. They say if you can take the academy then you can handle anything you encounter in the field.

                    I don't want to scare you off and I am not trying to scare you off. Like I said before if this is what you want then they can't do anything to you to stop you. You just need to dedicate yourself for 6 months and tell all your friends you'll call them when you get out. I don't know what else I can tell you right now but if you have any other questions then ask away. I wish I knew somebody in the academy when I applied, they could have answered all kinds of questions for me. I'll tell you this thought - aside from getting your *** beat and being yelled at all the time it is fun. Enjoy the time you have now and we'll see you when you get here.

                    One other way to be tossed from the academy is injury. I forgot about that one - but if you are injured and can't continue, you have to leave the academy but you can come back.


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                      ITOscar, thanks for info in the last post. That is interesting. I understand that yesterday they had family day at the Academy and I suppose that means you have completed Phase I. Just out of curiosity what kind of training was included in Phase I? I assume it was a lot of classroom instruction.


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                        Ohio Highway Patrol Academy

                        Trooperden ,Too bad about the boxing class! My "other half" a retired w/30 years on the force, now has to put up with me instead of his co-workers and he could use a refresher class..he taught me tooooo well!!
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                          To be the premier agency in the state they have to be extremely tough in the academy. You are being molded and the academy is 6 months of you being turned into a motivated troop worthy of the title. Never give up, never give in. Feel lucky to be able to go home on the weekends, I've heard some of the Command staff desiring to keep cadets at the academy for the entire 6 months. It's true, so again it could be worse. Anything worth achieving is going to test you....severely.
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                            Basic Peace Officer Training at OSHP is no joke. I am starting my 4th week. Two people left the first day, another the second day, and a fourth did not return for the second week. Be prepared mentally and physically.


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                              I did my basic there in 91. They had eliminated boxing week just prior to me being there. I guess a troop got REALLY hurt. You guys enjoying your new range?????We shot in a poorly ventilated basement with Sgt. Harter, and Sgt. Miller. It was paramilitary when I was there. Inspections, gig slips, the whole ball of wax. Stick it out, an OSP certificate is something to be proud of....PS..I work in a burb of Cleveland. I know a few guys at the Chardon Post. Feel free to PM me if I can be of any help....
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