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Ohio PD S&W M&P duty weapon question


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  • Ohio PD S&W M&P duty weapon question

    Hey everyone. I'm from Indiana, where Glock seems to rule. Just recently I discovered via a local gun board that a popular gun store in Ohio, AIM Surplus, is now selling department trade-in .40S&W M&Ps.


    Of course this has caused some wonder about why a department would already be ditching a pistol that can't be all that old. Only information I could find on-line was that Columbus PD went with the M&P in .40, Cincinnati went with the 9mm. Columbus got these pistols back in Sept. of 2006.

    So, anyone know who might have ditched the M&P. Mostly wondering if it was problems with the pistols, or if it was something more along "New Chief/Sheriff is a Sig/Glock type." Thanks!.

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    Ive had the M&P .40 as a duty weapon for 4 years now. In my opinion FOR ME, it is the best gun for its price range. The glock and the M&P are very similar as far as feel and build. The biggest difference is that the m&p has the inter-changeable hand grips which allow a better feel for most people.

    There are tons of department trade in Glocks and M&P's out there because many departments either have cut officers, or other officers are upgrading (in departments where you can carry different weapons)

    I have had my M&P and put thousands of rounds in it and still have not had an improper discharge or a jam. The one thing i have heard argued about it is the fact that after some usage (i have this) when loading a new magazine the slide will come forward due to slamming in the mag rather than pulling the slide back. At first with my muscle memory it would screw me up because i would end up pulling the slide back anyways and discharging a round, but once i got use to it i love it.

    In the end though the Glock and the M&P are very good guns and very reliable.

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      I've had the M&P as a duty weapon for the last 3 years (9mm). I'm not a fan of S&W semi-autos, I have a 5906 which I hate. This M&P has changed my view, I really like it. Not as much as my H&K Tactical, but it is a very nice weapon. I am interested in buying one for my personal collection (45cal).
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        We carry the M&P .40 for our duty weapon. I love it. I carry the .357 sig off duty,and my nightstand gun is a M&P .45.

        I do know of one department that switched from the M&P, but thats because their Chief was a Sig guy.


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