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  • Auxiliary interviews

    Can anyone tell me how formal/ informal an interview for an auxiliary officer is? I have an interview coming up for my local police department for an auxiliary position and don't know what to expect?

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    Depends on a lot of things really, expect formal. Wear a suit and address civilians as sir/mam and officer's by rank. Do a little studying on the interwebs about your prospective dept. and you should be fine.
    "Naw officer, I was hanging with my cousin"

    "Sooo, real cousin or play cousins ?"

    Originally posted by JasperST
    I'm thinking a battalion of menstruating bearded women could kick some serious booty!


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      Also study up on the history of the city/village/county you will be working in. If its a smaller more tight knit community they may be impressed that you know/are interested in the history of the community itself.


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        They both nailed it.
        Go in like they are going to pay you, don't look at it like "It's just an auxiliary spot"


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