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Dayton Throws Out Test Scores


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  • Dayton Throws Out Test Scores

    You guys are screwed.


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    This is so outrageously unethical that I would be amazed if there are no legal consequences in the months to come. I checked yes on my will you continue form that came in the mail but i almost want to change it to no, this is truly disappointing. How much can you capitulate to to the DoJ's minority hiring rules. Want to take bets on how fast it takes white people to bring suit?


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      Look at it this way, guys: Do you honestly want to work for a city that is only going to consider you or hire you if you are a minority and not based on your qualifications or character? Really? What does that tell you about a city and it's department?

      Too often, departments seem to think it's strictly a one-way street when it comes to hiring. The applicant should also be evaluating wether or not he/she wants to work there based on it's treatment of them during the process. I'm not saying the process shouldn't be challenging. It most certainly should. But when it's not ethical or fair, (And you cannot convince me this action was either) then that is an indicator of how you will be treated as an officer. They are not the only game around. To hell with Dayton. Look outside of Ohio..................
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        just food for thought, but wouldnt face to face interviews conducted by human beings leave more room for discrimination being that they are subjective not objective like a written test? this whole thing is so ridiculous, all i can do is laugh at the stupidity of all who are involved in making these decisions. i still cant get over the fact that a written test is considered biased! our society is so *** backwards. this may not even be legal what they are doing, but thats never stopped the city before so o well.


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          Originally posted by MT Guy View Post
          this may not even be legal what they are doing,
          It's not. There was recently a high-publicity case just decided by the Supreme Court involving Firefighters. (Conneticut, I believe?) It was a promotional exam, and the results were tossed in order to give minorities a preference. The city's decision was eventually overturned by the Supreme Court. So there is case-law on record for situations like this; hopefully one of the candidates will file a class-action suit and take the city to the cleaners.... They deserve it, too. This is discrimination; and you'll never see Jackson or Sharpton show their face, either.......
          Just another squirrel, tryin' to get a nut......


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            Most police exams have English comprehension, reading comprehension, as part of the exam. If you can't pass a police exam with these elements in it you don't need to be on the street. This story just falls in line with the dumbing down of America by special interest groups. If you can't pass the exam, file a lawsuit and throw out the race card. This will only lead to low quality people being hired and becoming an embarrassment for the police.

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              ~Sigh~ Same crap different decade.

              1965 - U.S. Executive Order 11246 and Executive Order 11375
              The Johnson administration embraced affirmative action in 1965, by issuing U.S Executive order 11246, later amended by Executive order 11375. The order, as amended, aims "to correct the effects of past and present discrimination". It prohibits federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, skin color, religion, gender, or national origin. The order requires that contractors take affirmative action to ensure that "protected class, underutilized applicants" are employed when available, and that employees are treated without negative discriminatory regard to their protected-class status.

              Penn/Stump v City of Oakland, 1967
              This Consent Decree stated that men and women should be hired by race and gender as police officers in the same percentage that they’re represented in the population of the city. This process took more than twenty years to complete. There were approximately 34 black police officers on the Oakland Police department. There were no black females among them. At this time, the militant Black Panther Party had formed in part due to police brutality at the hands of Oakland's overwhelmingly white police force and the City of Oakland at the time was approaching an African American majority as well prompting the push for minority police officer recruitment.
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