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Out of state certification (Florida) to Ohio


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  • Out of state certification (Florida) to Ohio

    Hello all, I currently hold LEO Standards in Florida and may be moving to Ohio reference family reasons. Can someone give my a brief idea on how I would go about getting Ohio Standards? Would I have to repeat the entire academy of is there a crossover process? I tried searching google but was unable to find anything. I would be living in the Greater Miami Valley Area (Probably either Springfield of Fairborn) How is the job market in this area?

    Thank You for all your assistance!
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    Why would you want to do that?! LOL J/K

    Check out http://forums.officer.com/forums/sho...r-Cert-to-Ohio


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      It is my understanding that Ohio law is similiar to Fl law. You will need to speak to the Certifications and Standards people at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. I think they will give you some advice, however they will not give you an official answer till you are sworn in and they evaluate your training. So, you will not have to retake the entire academy, but how much you do have to take is up to them and that is decided on a case by case basis.

      The current job market in the Miami Valley is not great and you have missed the cut-off dates for a number of depts that are actually putting on a few people.


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        I was a former Ohio LEO before going Federal. To carry your cert. over, you would have to submit copies to The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission in London, OH. to determine what refresher courses you would need to take in order to transfer your FL cert to get an Ohio cert. Then you would need to open enroll in an Academy at a community college or tech school; one that would be willing to give you the required refresher courses instead of a full-blown academy. THEN, to top it all off, you would have 1 year to get commissioned by a department before the cert expires and you have to repeat the process......

        As was stated, OH is one of the worst places in the North/Midwest to search for a paying LE job right now. The bigger departments like Cinci. and Dayton would want you to go through THEIR full academy. Smaller departments won't sponsor you unless they are a richer suburb; they expect you to already have a cert. before applying. If you could at all avoid it, I wouldn't go to Ohio trying to get my foot in the door as an out-of-stater. The prospects for LEO's are terrible there- Think twice.........
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          Fairborn police aren't recruiting nor will they accept any applications. Wright State University already hired people i think.


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