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Message to Future CPD Recruits


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  • Message to Future CPD Recruits

    For those of you fortunate enough to be selected for the Academy here are a few things to expect:

    • You will attend at least one orientation session prior to the first day.
    • The Chief will invite you to voluntary “run with the Chief” sessions on Saturdays prior to the first day.
    • You better know your 10 codes and be ready for PT the first day.
    • The Mayor, Safety Director, Chief, and Deputy Chiefs typically show up to run with you the first day. Don’t embarrass the cadre by being out of shape; they will take it personally.
    • Be prepared to run, do push-ups, and sit-ups outside no matter the weather conditions.
    • You will run at least 1 ½ miles and usually more depending on the class times; one weak individual will cost everyone.
    • The first day is in your own PT gear; if you wear Michigan attire you may attract more notice than you like.
    • If you ever lie or cheat you will be fired; a recent recruit forgot a homework assignment then lied about it and was gone before lunch.
    • Our Academy is high-stress; the cadre will be in your face day one. If you can’t handle it there you won’t be able to handle it on the street.
    • Do not quit or give up on anything they ask you to do, i.e. boxing. If you quit on the street you die.
    • If a recruit quits or is fired the first three days they can be replaced so if you don’t make it initially keep your phone handy.
    • Don’t show up unless you are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to become a member of the finest police agency in the country.

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    Thank you for the information, it’s very appreciated.


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      thanks, I hope I get the opportunity.


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        Thanks for the info but omg did you say homework!?


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          Good luck to all those who are going to the academy! Remember, it's all about focus. You'll get smoked from time to time, probably pretty often, but try to think of it like you are being paid to work out! Believe it or not, it is possible to have fun!
          The only time you can have too much ammunition is when you're swimming or on fire


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            Don't forget to memorize the core values:

            Attention to Detail
            Sense of Urgency


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