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    I cross posted this in another section here on Ok, Ive pretty much wanted to be a cop my whole life.. After High school I went to a 4 year university and took alot of general classes and then I planned on joining the academy. I slowly failed out of 4 year then decided to try and get my associates. I spent one semester in a CJ program at a local community college and recieved good grades and really enjoyed what I was doing. During this same time I was making a good amount of money playing poker. I decided to pack up my bags and move to Vegas where I lived for 2 years making a good living. I havent had a "real" job since I was 20 ( i'm 25 now) but I paid taxes on my profession " self employed professional gambler". I recently decided I wanted to rededicate myself to Policing and hopefully make a career out of it. Does this lapse in real jobs and "gambling" for a living going to hurt my efforts of being a LEO? I have good credit, it was really bad when I was in college but I repaired it all ( approching 700) no debt, and a few underage drinking tickets. Thanks for the input.

    I'm not sure how many credits are " transferrable" yet but I would assume alot, Would you recommend me self-sponsoring myself into the academy? or finish up my associates and then self-sponsor? Thanks.
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