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    Does anyone know if Columbus Reserves are planning on "hiring" anytime soon? Given the finances of the city I did not know if they were canceling this program or going to rely on it more? I was thinking it might be an option while waiting for classes to resume.

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    Give them a call: 614-645-7136.

    Requirements for the Columbus Police Reserve:
    - Age 21 at time of appointment
    - Citizen of the United States
    - Resident of Franklin County, or any county contiguous to Franklin County
    - Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
    - Must never have been convicted of:
    - A felony
    - A serious misdemeanor
    - A series of offenses showing a disregard for constituted authority
    - Be of good character and have a good reputation in the community
    - Possess good judgement, tact, and initiative commensurate with the position and assignment
    - Pass Civil Service exam for Police Officer
    - Pass required polygraph test
    - Pass required background investigation
    - Pass required Oral Board Review
    - Pass medical examination, including:
    - stress test
    - hearing test
    - drug test
    - psychological examination
    - vision test (vision must be at least 20/20 corrected binocular and 20/125 (or better) uncorrected, each eye)
    - Purchase uniforms and serve without pay
    - Possess a valid driver's license from the State of Ohio
    - Possess personal vehicle insurance
    - Approved by Chief of Police
    - Approved by City Safety Director
    - Commit to serve 3 years as a Columbus Police Department Reserve Officer (This requirement is waived if accepted for full-time employment as a Columbus Police Officer).
    - Take an oath of office.

    The selection process:

    To qualify for the position of Columbus Police Reserve Officer, you must complete the following steps in the testing / selection process:

    1. Pass Civil Service exam for Police Officer
    2. Attend a Columbus Police Reserve Informational Meeting held at the Columbus Police Training Academy
    3. Obtain an application at the Informational Meeting
    4. Complete a pre-interview with Reserve Officers
    5. Complete and return the Application to Columbus Police Training Academy
    6. Take a polygraph examination
    7. Upon successful completion of background investigation and polygraph examination, interview with the Oral Review Board
    8. Pass required medical examination, including: stress test, hearing test, drug test, psychological examination, and vision test.
    9. Complete Columbus Police Training Academy courses and maintain an 80 percent average or greater
    10. Pass Ohio State Certification examination
    11. Approval of Chief of Police and City Safety Director
    12. Take an oath of office
    13. Serve your community as a volunteer Columbus Police Reserve Officer

    If you meet the above requirements, and you are interested in becoming a Columbus Police Reserve, please fill out an application and send it to:

    Columbus Police Reserve
    Columbus Police Academy
    1000 N. Hague Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43204
    The views/opinions expressed here are solely mine. I'm retired and I don't care. I truly do not want to offend anyone, but if you are thin skinned and have no sense of humor, you better find another line of work. Therefore, I don't have to be politically correct and I will exercise my freedom of speech, until it's taken away. May God bless all retirees. We've done our duty and earned our peace.


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      For the life of me I have no idea why anyone would become a CPD reserve. You go through the same hiring process, same background, same medical, same academy (unpaid mind you, schedule your life around it or don't come), then you get to go ride with another officer, never push your own car, and when it's all said and done, you get no preference in the hiring process for fulltime AND you have to repeat the academy if you get on FT.
      Seriously, the only reason I wanted to be a cop was so I could post anywhere on this forum.


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        I appreciate the info CPD 7297. I had already found the info on the CPD Reserves website but I was hoping someone had some info on if it was actually active/any classes would be coming up. Unfortunately the website has had that stuff up for about a year with no changes. Thanks for the info though.

        FiremanMike, I understand what you are saying about the reserves but there are some good reasons to think about doing it. Yes it means going thru 2 academies but you gain experience & training during the first academy. For someone like me (currently no job) it is a good way to gain the experience. I can understand your reasons but it also has some valuable reasons for some people to take the option.


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          It'll be interesting to see how the reserve program will evolve with the possibilities of layoffs. I would not be surprised if current officers that are laid off be made reserves for commission purposes.

          The academy is not the same as regular officers. It is somewhat shorter and less para-military. I believe most courses are conducted in the evening hours.


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            If the lay-offs happen, then the officers who got laid off will have the option of becoming reserves to keep their commission active.

            The reserves are active, but the new requirements that reserve's meet the same eligibility and hiring requirements as regular officers (a CALEA requirement) has put a damper on the chances that more classes will be scheduled.

            I would find out when the next meeting is, and show up at the academy to talk to actual reserves, or the program supervisor. Not only will that give you the latest info, but it will give you a good idea about what Columbus reserve officers are permitted to do.

            When choosing between Columbus and other cities, remember that it was only two decades ago that the reserves were allowed to wear the regular uniform. It was only a decade ago that they were allowed to have a badge that is similar to a regular badge (at least in color if not style), and it is only in the last five years or so that reserves have been given the right to carry off duty. They still are not allowed to work alone, and they are never permitted to work anything but a uniform or traffic assignment.

            Just things to consider. If I were to look for such a part-time job, I would want to go to an agency that seemed to appreciate my time by granting me a little more responsibility than that.

            Lighten up Francis!


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