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  • CA to OH?

    To any Ohio coppers than can help...

    I'm a Cali copper, as I have been for many years. The wife's fam lives in Ohio and we were looking at the possibility of heading out there, I've been looking at agencies around Lorain County...but it appears the county, and surrounding cities are pretty much broke, and not hiring.

    If I were to find an agency hiring, will my California POST certificates, training and experience be accepted by Ohio's peace officer commission? I'm not even sure what it's called.

    Or would I be SOL and have to go to a whole new academy?


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    Send me a PM. I lived in the area for 20ish years.


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      Like Jkral, I have lived here for over 20 years. I came here from San Diego, and got hired there and here at the same time. I took this job to appease my wife, who promptly divorced me once I had been here for three years.

      Now granted, my opinion may be tarnished by the 'what-might-have-been's,' but I have always regretted leaving SD. The only good thing was that the cost of living is so much less here.

      The little towns are nice in Ohio, but they roll up the sidewalks around 11pm. The larger cities are like Detroit in that they generally suck in an all-around sort of way.

      There may be agencies that will accept your certifications, but I am not familiar with them. We are not a POST state, but instead offer certification through the state. People attend either private or municipal/state academies.

      Most of them are a breeze. The exception would be the State Patrol Academy. If you graduate from there, then you have an accomplishment under your belt. That school is about as tough as they come.

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        You need to talk to the the Certifications and Standards person at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council (OPOTC).

        As of November 1, 2007, the required number of hours for successful completion of peace officer basic training is 582. A person may attend basic training in one of several categories. The following are descriptions of each process from application to certification.
        The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission approves and monitors all schools which offer peace officer basic training. There are about 75 sites which provide this training. All schools must comply with statutory requirements (topics, hours, facilities and process) in order to be approved to operate the school. Therefore, attendance of a school at any approved site will provide the student with the same opportunity to obtain a certificate of peace officer basic training.
        Some school sites will accept all of the students listed below. Other schools will accept students in only certain categories. The student must contact the school directly to determine which categories that particular school will accept.
        In this category, the student must be appointed to a peace officer position with a city, village, township or other agency wherein the person is required to complete peace officer basic training. The student must apply directly to the school. The school commander will provide instructions on how to apply and what is required by that school. The student must attend the minimum 582 hours and any additional hours added by the school. If the student meets all success criteria for the program, which includes completion of the state certification examination, the commander will recommend to the Commission that the student be issued a certificate of completion of basic training.
        This category is for students who are not appointed to a peace officer position but who wish to attend peace officer basic training on their own time at their own expense. Students who complete open enrollment will be issued a letter of completion which they may use as a way to market him or herself to an agency selling the fact that the agency will not incur any training expense on the basic training level. If the student receives an appointment within one year of the completion of training, a certificate of completion will be awarded provided no additional training requirements have been mandated. If the student receives an appointment more than one year but less than two years after completion of training, the person will be required to attend an OPOTC-approved refresher course before the person may perform the functions of a peace officer. If the student receives an appointment more than two years after completion of training, the person must repeat the peace officer basic training course before the person may perform the functions of a peace officer.
        Open enrollment students must contact the training school directly to determine if that school will accept open enrollment students. The school commander will provide information on how to apply.
        Revised 04/09/2009
        Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy
        P.O. Box 309 ● London, Ohio 43140 ● PHONE 740.845.2700 ● 800.346.7682 ●FAX 740.845.2675 ● www.ag.state.oh.us
        4055 Highlander Pkwy Suite B ● Richfield, Ohio 44286 ● 330.659.2311 ● 888.436.7282 ● FAX 330. 659.2401
        Officers who are appointed to a peace officer position in Ohio and have completed training or education in another state, the military or under the auspices of any other certifying entity other than the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, may apply to the Commission for a prior equivalent training analysis. The appointing agency must submit the request in writing [THIS WILL ONLY BE DONE FOR APPOINTED PEACE OFFICERS. IT WILL NOT BE DONE FOR THOSE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT RELOCATING TO OHIO]. The request must include a list of topics and hours of any training the officer wishes to be considered as equivalent to the Ohio peace officer basic training curriculum. A copy of any certificate of peace officer basic training and a history of all peace officer appointments should also be included in the request for prior equivalent action. The prior training will be compared to the curriculum currently required in Ohio. In cases where the prior training is deemed equivalent, credit will be given. In cases where the prior training either differs, is insufficient or is non-existent, hours from the Ohio curriculum will be assigned.
        The student may take the prior equivalent determination to any approved basic training school and apply to attend. The student must provide a copy of the determination to the school commander who will inform the student of the schedule and when the student must attend training sessions. Upon completion of the hours assigned in the determination, the student must take and pass the state certification examination. When the school is complete and the commander submits the final records, the prior equivalent student will be issued a certificate of completion of peace officer basic training.
        The number of required hours varies for prior equivalent students. It is therefore impossible to approximate how much training will be required. Clear documentation of all hours of prior training will be helpful in making an appropriate determination of equivalency.
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          Good Research Joe!
          Lighten up Francis!


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            From what I have heard.. It's next to impossible for an out-of-stater to get in, unless you start out buck new in the academy...I have been told the Ohio is very "set in their ways"..
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              Simply not true.


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