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    They treat FCSO pretty bad too especially if your not certified. It took two months to get my uniform shirts. One month to get a belt that they keep on the shelf. Now CPD yes they treat them like kings. I walked around the store for twenty minutes before someone said something to me because they were to busy sucking I mean talking to CPD

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    ... Unless you are Columbus Police, Columbus Fire, or FCSO. I went in today, was ignored for nearly 10 minutes standing at the counter. I finally got someone to come over, an older woman who I actually find to be the nicest there. I ask where they keep the campaign hats, apparently they are in the back. She heads back to grab a few for me to try on (never sized a campaign hat before). She comes back with a few, all gray, I need blue.

    So we get my size, I ask if she has any in blue, and she says no. Now, here's the part where any other normal business would say "but we can certainly order them", instead, she said to try galls.

    Anyone know a decent place to find a blue campaign hat?
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      yeah they sure love to suck on CPD lol. There is this real nice little law enforcement store up near mansfield,i believe its the ontario area about 50 minutes north of columbus they arent as known as roys but they have great service and fast shipping.

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