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  • Radar question

    Ok, so I sat in on 40 hours of the most boring training on Radar and after compleation and a pretty certificate. I was advised tonight at work that there is no state law requiring having a radar certification in Ohio! I just cant believe that does anyone have the facts on this. Thanks

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    I believe it's true. It used to be true, anyway. The problem is that you have no credibility as to your ability to operate the device without being properly trained to do so. We used to have a judge who wouldn't accept any speeding tickets unless you had 40 hours of radar training. You also do not have a baton certification course, but you have training on how to use one properly.


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      Thanks Joe!


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        There is federal case law that states that you have to have formal training ie.. certificate to operate radar/lidar...Usually figured as a min. of 10 hrs. class and more practical....
        My first two "trainings" were with an in house radar guy for about 2 hrs. That was it....
        Then I had 40 hrs. basic and another 40 hrs. instructor.
        Here's how I try to look at it... Yeah radar is pretty easy to use, but being torn up on the stand because I don't fully understand how the audio works or to not be able to testify to my previous speed estimations etc. would n ot be fun.....
        Also I could really care less about issuing speeding tickets, but what about the time you stop the car for speed and find the Kilo of Coke, now it goes to trial and they try to suppress the stop because you should not have been running the radar to begin with.... down hill from there.
        Running radar is a good way to kill time, interact with the community, and find warrants, dope, OVI's etc.

        My $.02
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          it sure beats chasing c78's all night (burglar alarms that end up just being stupid rich people who cant work their damn security systems) lol give me radar all night baby!

          radar=traffic stops=arrests=possible pursuits

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