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A couple of questions for our ND Warriors


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  • A couple of questions for our ND Warriors

    I call you guys warriors because your job and what it entails you've got to be a warrior to deal with the new influx of people coming here..

    1. I was pulled over by a State trooper, he said my new LED tail lights were too bright even tho I checked with the highway patrol to see if there was a problem before I ordered them and they are DOT approved. His cruiser was lit up like a christmas tree with the LED's..

    2 I drive a 1999 Camaro Z-28 I know lots of friends and family that are in law enforcement that are also gear heads..

    on a 1999 Camaro there is no place to mount a license plate without drilling into the front fascia and ruining a $1000 piece of body if replaced and painted. Plus it would ruin the look of a car that I put in shows to be judged. I've been told by so many different depts. put it in your front window, drill holes in your car, run without it if it doesn't have a place stock, so what's the answer?

    thanks again..


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    Here is what requires your plate to be on the front of the vehicle, sorry start drilling.
    9-04-11. Display of number plates and tabs.
    Except as otherwise specifically provided, a person may not operate or drive a vehicle on
    the public highways of this state unless the vehicle has a distinctive number assigned to it by
    the department, and two number plates, bearing the distinctive number conspicuously
    displayed, horizontally and in an upright position, one on the front and one on the rear of the
    vehicle, each securely fastened, except number plates assigned to a motorcycle, trailer, or
    Page No. 8 housetrailer must be attached to the rear thereof. When only one number plate is furnished foran apportioned vehicle licensed under the international registration plan as authorized in section 39-19-04, truck tractor, or semitrailer, the plate must be attached to the front of the apportioned vehicle or truck tractor and the rear of the semitrailer. The bottom of each number plate must be at a height of not less than twelve inches [30.48 centimeters] above the level surface upon
    which the vehicle stands. Each plate must be mounted in a manner that does not cover any
    words, letter, or number on the plate. As far as is reasonably possible, the plates must at all
    times be kept free and clear of mud, ice, or snow so as to be clearly visible and all number
    plates, markers, or evidence of registration or licensing except for the current year must be
    removed from the vehicle. All vehicle license plates issued by the department continue to be the
    property of the state of North Dakota for the period for which the plates are valid. An annual
    registration tab or sticker for the current registration year must be displayed on each number
    plate, in the area designated by the department for the tab or sticker, in those years for which
    tabs or stickers are issued in lieu of number plates.

    39-21-39. Windshield - Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers - Tinted
    1. A motor vehicle must be equipped with a windshield. An individual may not drive any
    motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other nontransparent material upon the front
    windshield, side wings, or side or rear windows which obstructs the driver's clear view
    of the highway or any intersecting highway.
    2. The windshield on a motor vehicle must be equipped with a device for cleaning rain,
    snow, or other moisture from the windshield, which must be constructed as to be
    controlled or operated by the driver of the vehicle.
    3. The windshield wiper upon a motor vehicle must be maintained in good working order.
    4. An individual may not operate a motor vehicle with any object, material, or tinting
    displayed, affixed, or applied on the front windshield or any window unless the object,
    material, or tinting in conjunction with the windshield upon which it is displayed, affixed,
    or applied has a light transmittance of at least seventy percent or the object, material,
    or tinting in conjunction with a window other than the windshield upon which it is
    displayed, affixed, or applied has a light transmittance of at least fifty percent. This
    subsection does not apply to windows behind the operator if the motor vehicle is
    equipped with outside mirrors on both sides that meet the requirements of section

    What was your questions on the lights?


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      I went to google real quick and found a front bracket for you Ill try to PM you the link because you have to have more than 100 posts to post links I guess.


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        I tried it wouldn't let me PM you


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          I was told by the state that that if your car did not come with stock brackets for the car you didn't have to run one, so you see my plight, I've been running with it in my front window and have never had a problem but I know it's coming..

          lights - PD said they were too bright, I went HUH??
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            I don't know about your tail lights being too bright, that sounds fishy.

            As for front plate, it doesn't matter if you have a bracket or not. I tell people all the time they need to go to the hardware store and buy two self-tappers and screw it in. Just because you don't have one or place an after market bumper on, doesn't mean you get to circumvent the law.

            All NDHP cars have a lightbar and wig-wags to the front. Nothing more, nothing less. So either our interpretation of "light up like a Christmas tree" is different, or you weren't actually stopped by a trooper.
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              no I was stopped by a BIA officer..

              well before I drill into my car I'll write my congressman on where to send the bill for my front end.

              there is a huge petition online about getting the front plate requirement gone.

              The congressman agreed..


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                Hello, prehaps the Tribal Jurisdiction in which the BIA officer stopped you has a limit on brightness of LED tail lights, like so many Lumens. Never heard of that before but it is possible.. BIA units do light up like Christmas trees

                where were you stopped @?
                "What the problem is?"


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                  I live in Belcourt ND Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa rez, my uncle is a federal judge here, he's looking into it for me..


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