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ND Law Question -- Settle a bet

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  • ND Law Question -- Settle a bet

    Let's try this again...

    Apparently my post never went up. Anyways, can any LEO's in ND help me out with this one. Are there any state laws or local ordinances (specifically to Grand Forks but can be anywhere else) that states drivers HAVE TO assist stranded motorists in bad weather. Or is this simply an urban legend? I have googled this but all I can come up with is hear-say and no facts. If it is a law, can you cite the sources and section? Much appreciated.
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    ND Law Question -- Settle a bet

    Have you tried searching here yet?


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      Originally posted by Jim1648 View Post
      Thanks Jim. I did go through the Motor Vehicle section but not the rest. Unfortunately, I am short on time until Thursday. I'll go through it then. Thanks again!


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        There's no requirement for this for a random motorist.


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          Very much so; GOOD SAMARITAN ACT

          I don't know if anybody has every been criminally charged for not rendering aid or help.
          "What the problem is?"


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            This does not mandate action. It merely gives a legal and civil protection for some one who gives good faith aid. If you read the act completely it does not require aid to a stranded person.
            I would hope no one would require a law to help some one either.


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