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    My fiance is currently in Law School and she told me that one of her friends was doing research on taking the BAR Exam in ND because the job market is better than the rest of the country there, and the terrible economy has not really hit ND. So my first question is whether or not this is true? And my second is about me. I am a Police Officer now for 5 years in Las Vegas, and would love to get out of here if the opportunity presented itself. How are the major departments in the state and do they make decent money to live a decent life with? Is it easy for a lawyer to get a good job in ND, probably Fargo area or Grand Rapids, and how are the law enforcement jobs there. I love law enforcement and cant really imagine doing anythineg else; however, I did just get my masters degree in Emergency Management and I am sure I would enjoy that up there as well and I am sure that field is needed up there with the flooding and all. Your thoughts are appreciated. Either way she doesn't finish Law School for another few years. I would like a decent sized city, but I could handle small town too. This is also another question that is important to my fiance. How does the population look at African Americans and is racism a huge problem in the bigger cities? We are an interracial couple. Also of interest is the cost of living, schools, housing prices. Any info is appreciated and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    North Dakota as a state is doing very well. They have a surplus every year and there are a lot of jobs here. In fact more than people to work them.

    I can't speak for getting a lawyer job, but if it follows the state, then not hard.

    "Big" law enforcement agencies are not easy to come by in ND. Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks are the only ones with anything close to 100 sworn officers. I can't speak from experience but from what I know from other people is that Grand Forks and Bismarck are good, Fargo not so much.

    North Dakota has a lot of minorities in both Fargo and Grand Forks, mainly Somalians and Hispanics. I know of rural departments that hire minorities as well as large ones, so I don't it's as big of a deal as you might think. North Dakota is small, but by no means is it out of date or anything like that, at least in the major population areas of that state. And coming from a well populated area of Minnesota myself, I'm qualified to say that.

    Cost of living is great. You probably won't make as much, but living is cheap and taxes are really low.

    Having 5 years on and a masters degree, the only reason you wouldn't get hired is because you're over qualified. Many and I mean MANY LEOs here only have a high school education and the state law enforcement academy. There is also a lot of "Good ol boys" crap here too, however, if you're applying to the bigger cities in the state, that's not as much of an issue.
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      Thanks for your reply; I really apprerciate it. Anyone else have any insight on the lawyer question?


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