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Looking for advice from officers that work in really cold weather about gear.


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  • Looking for advice from officers that work in really cold weather about gear.

    So I was offered a with the BIA in ND and I know the winters get cold around there so I have been looking for some advice on what gear is good. I'm mostly looking for info on boot, gloves that I can shoot with and base layers.

    I'm wanting black 8+ inch boots something that will keep my feet warm but not to warm. I'm also looking for a warm pair of gloves that I would still be able to shoot my pistol with. Last I'm looking for a good base layer. Any advice on there topic would be a great help to me right now as you all will know better then I do.

    Yes I know wool sock! Good think I have over 12 pair. Thank for the help

    Edited to add this would be for the activity level of a patrol officer in a area that has a lot going on I have been told Standing Rock ND thanks again.

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    Under Armour Level 3 for base layer, at least on the legs. Issued turtle neck or UA L3 up top. I haven't found any gloves that are both warm against a cold wind AND allow me to shoot -- I compromise and wear thinner gloves. In the winter I wear the ATAC 8" side zipper boots from 5.11 with wool socks and a pair of moisture wicking socks underneath.

    A good stocking cap (ours is from UA) with a windproof inner lining is a MUST to keep from losing body heat on hours-long perimeters.

    ETA: Oh, and welcome to ND!
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      Vest, UA Cold Gear Turtleneck with a 5.11 Coat and I'm set. I only wear a glove on my non trigger had so I wouldn't know about gloves.

      After a few winters you'll be accustomed to it and it won't be a big deal anymore ;-)
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        Prepare to have a cold *** winter.. Is all i can say.. LOL..
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          I used to wear snowmobile boots, got an extra set of liners to let the others dry.

          Gloves? I never wore any. Yes it got cold but..............................At the range one day, one of the Troopers revolver failed to fire. I examined it and could find nothing wrong. Wintertime and he was wearing thin driving gloves. Turned out that part of his glove was slipping between the frame and front of the trigger. This allowed the cylinder to rotate but prevent the hammer from cocking.

          Try it yourself. With an EMPTY revolver, squeeze the trigger, then let the trigger rebound almost all the way forward. The hand will spin the cylinder without cocking the hammer
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            Get a pair of these, Cabela's Guidewear® Glomitts and a gatorneck or Under Armor Ninja mask for the piercing wind days. Lite thin layers works better for me than one heavy layer.
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            Originally posted by dontknowwhy
            I still think troopers and deputies who work in the middle of no where with essentially no back up are the 'men among men' of the LEO world.
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              Sorry for chiming in so late. I wore heavy wool blend duty pants with long underwear (Stanfields or Wind River - nothing expensive), heavy weight cotton socks, Original Swat 1234 boots, long-sleeved duty shirt, external body armour, 5.11 jacket liner, Gore-tex hi-vis jacket, muskrat / beaver fur ear-flap hat (with velcro strap), black leather and nylon insulated gloves (Wind River - not very expensive). I had a pair of unlined Gore-tex wind pants that I could wear over top, or if it got really bad a heavy insulated bib overall type pants, plus a pair of rubber and nylon arctic mukluk boots (laced, double heavy wool liner, thick felt insole, nylon mesh insole), plus arctic gauntlets (black leather and nylon, heavy insulated liners). I worked Traffic, so did not do any foot patrolling, but was in and out of the car a lot over 35 years and often not that far North of you, but also further North of that yet.
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