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  • Ndhp

    Does anyone know anything about when NDHP will be hiring again? Do they usually have a set time for an application process or are they reeling from the economy too?

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    Talked with a trooper the other night and he said they'll be taking apps sometime this fall. They normally only hire 5-10 per class according to him.

    Their last class is on FTO right now so I'm not sure when there time line is.

    ND Basic Academy is like Sept-Dec which includes troopers, deputies and officers. Then you would go to the trooper school after that which I assume would be like Jan-March.

    As far as the economy goes, it really hasn't effected North Dakota that much because we have our ducks in a row here as far as money does.
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      Thanks for the response cjs. Did the trooper mention anything regarding how many applicants they typically get? I'm starting to get sick of the situation in MN and am looking to go elsewhere for employment. I went on NDHP's website and looked around on it for a bit and liked what I saw.


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        He said a couple hundred, but keep in mind that here is ND not everyone who applies is really that qualified. Most don't have any college, much less a bachelors degree or MN POST (Reciprocity). They give the wonderloc (spelling?) test same as MSP,so factor that in with the PT test and you cut it down pretty fast.

        I applied to around 68 depts in MN before I said screw it and took a job in ND. Pay/benefits out here isn't great and it's pretty slow (depending what dept you're at) but it's good expereince. But I know what you're feeling about not getting anywhere with depts in MN.

        One thing I will say is that NDHP is big on past expereince. They say they aren't but the trooper I talked to, as well as every trooper I know, has past law enforcement expereince beyond reserves/explorer/security and he said that's a big part of getting on with the patrol.

        Unlike MSP, alot of the ND Troopers start out in the very rural areas of the state (Which is most of the state). So if hired, don't expect to be starting in Bismarck/Fargo/Valley City/Grand Forks/Minot/Jamestown areas. Towns such as Beach, Crosby, Casselton, Stanley, Rugby, Bowman and Harvey are some that new troopers are stationed at.

        I believe most troopers work on a weird schedule. In a months time you can expect to work days, afternoons and nights. Not sure how they work it but it's kinda screwy to say the least.

        So if you can deal with that, then I would apply. NDHP is a very respectable agency, with good equipment and good retirement.

        Feel free to PM with any more questions.
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          last year I tested with them, failed the grammar part by like 2%.. none the less the test is long, and I was one of like 100 people that where taking it when i tested, i was told last year they had over 400 test for 10 spots. They will denie it but if you have relatives or good friends in State Government you have an advantage to get in, many good examples of that in their last rounds of hiring.
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