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Asheville Police Department questions


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  • Asheville Police Department questions

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    My brother's wife's sister lives in Asheville. That's where the wedding was. The sister is a great gal. She let me stay at her house, and draped a blanket on me while I was sleeping on the sofa. Southern hospitality.

    It's a great town. I noticed that they have a lot of churches. When I was walking to the house, I saw a sign at one of the churches inviting people to use the church parking lot in case of overflow at the neighboring parking lot. No grafitti anywhere. I like that town. I hope you get to help keep it that way.

    There's no situation so magnificent that no-one will complain about what's wrong with it. If you want to be the police anywhere, you'll have to get used to that. Many of the complaints are legitimate. Most of the best guys don't complain too much. My grandfather taught me that if you complain too much it tends to sink into your nature. He didn't teach me that there was nothing to complain about.

    I don't know about the tattoo policy, but I think if you're going to get tattoos, you should restrict them to where they won't show in in summer clothes, and if you want to go further than that, keep them below the neck, and above the hands, so that they don't show when you're suited up for a formal occasion.

    Bigger departments have more people to pay. That doesn't always mean lower pay, but sometimes it does.

    I've never seen a department without some kind of good old boy system.

    No, the department isn't as liberal or arty as the town is.

    Apparently to me, they let you do enough work that you can afford to be Andy instead of Barney.

    Don't know about IA or about other nearby departments' salaries.




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      Originally posted by glockman182 View Post
      Finally, are there any other departments in the Western part of the state which have salaries that are competitive?
      Henderson county SO and Hendersonville PD is competitive for the area. Buncombe SO as well.


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        Originally posted by glockman182 View Post
        I'm about to apply for a Police Officer position in Asheville NC at the Asheville Police Department. I've been a sworn police officer for six years, I'm a training officer, and I have my intermediate certificate. However, I have a few questions about APD before I apply.

        First off, how is the morale of the department? I know most departments have a poor morale right now for some reason and I really don't want to get involved in a place filled with a bunch of negative people who complain all the time.

        I know a few officers there and they seem to enjoy it. Like all places, they have their complaints, but for the most part, I hear good things

        Second, does Asheville have any kind of policy about tattoos?

        Not sure, but I'd guess that tattoos visible in short sleeves would need to be covered.

        Third, why is the pay so low at Asheville PD when their department is so big? In addition does anyone expect that to change?

        I have no answer for this. Cost of living here is one of the highest in the state. Most officers work off-duty.

        Is this a department which has a "good ol boy" system in place where it doesn't really matter how you perform compared to how popular you are?

        I don't think so.

        Is the department as liberal as the city?

        No, but you will constantly deal with disgruntled, liberal hippies. They complain about everything the APD does.

        How good are they at letting you work? Can you go out and proactively police or are you told to go find a shade tree?

        I did a ride-along and the officer I was with was very proactive. He stopped vehicles and cruised the projects every minute we weren't on a call.

        How well does IA treat everyone?

        No clue.

        Finally, are there any other departments in the Western part of the state which have salaries that are competitive?

        Probably Hendersonville. The Sheriff's Departments will likely start you in the jails before getting on the road.


        My answers are from someone that does not work for the Asheville Police Department. I lived in the city for about 15 years (left last year). I have two friends on the department, and I have been on one ride-along. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.


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          I had Officer Survival School last year and one of the officers was from Hendersonville. He drove a sharp looking Dodge Charger. He seemed to like the department from what I remembered. He also said they were hiring at the time. They got a new chief recently too, but I dont know anything about him. I applied at Hendersonville a couple of years ago. You could print the entire application (F-3 form included) online and mail it in. I got called back within a week for an initial interview. They have their own police HQ and their own dispatch center. Take homes were available for in county residency. Not sure if its changed since then.

          There are quite a few small agencies around there....also there is alot of development going on and house prices are through the roof. Lots of transplants and retirees.
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