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DWI/DUI Laws in NC


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  • DWI/DUI Laws in NC

    Question answered
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    Rob I sent you an e-mail
    Thus the wise win before the fight, while the ignorant fight to win


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      Rob as a Trooper for 8 years heres my take on your questions. As long as you have evidence to put them behind the wheel ie witness, suspect testimony, prints, blood on the windshield and a goose egg on his forehead, you are good. The law here says a conviction can be met with a BAC of .08 or higher, OR the officers opinion to impairment. Because DWI/DUI are one in the same, that is how we do a 19 year old that blows a .04 but has taken 2 Zanax as well and can barely stand. First time offenders get about a $500 dollar fine, revoked license for a year, alcohol dependancy classes and community service. If its your first time and you have kids in the car or you wreck and hurt someone else you start looking at jail time. One ore note. If you get a DWI and then get stopped for DWI again while your license is revoked for the first, your car has just been awarded to the state. It is auctioned off and proceeds go to the school system. Hope this helps.


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        From my limited experince, and seeing others around me...this applies in va obviously.
        DUI/DWI: same thing.

        Per se law. In va, the limits are:
        less than .5 bac is persumed not intoxicated.
        .5 BAC to less than .8 is no persumption
        .8 or greater is persumed intoxicated.
        However, can you get a conviction with lower? of course, its just harder and requires better articulation.

        Any evidence putting behind the wheel is helpful. I got a conviction by witness and suspect testimony aftr accidents a few times. The defense usually fights to reason for the stop more than anything in my experience.

        First time penalties in Va are soemthing like;
        $750 fine with 500 suspended, rarely get jail time, unless bac is above .15, and suspension of your license( 3 or 6 months?)

        Hope that helps.


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