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  • Wilmington Police Department

    So what is the word with the Wilmington PD? Does anyone know if that is a good department? Heard any stories?

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    I used to work there..what do you want to know?


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      There were looking for laterals (in/out of state) and newbies, however, have seen that they have slacked off on their recruiting efforts. What gives? I'd REALLY have considered them awhile back.
      Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

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        They are ALWAYS looking for new officers. They lose 30-40 officers a year. Which may not seem like much, but they are a department of 255 officers. They have some of the best equipment you could ask for on the east coast, however the pay and benefits are horrible compared to other large agencies in NC and other states. They have take home cars for everyone with 2yrs+ on the force, all cars equipped with digital recording systems, brand new multi million dollar station with state of the art booking, processing, etc. They have a helicopter with the FLIR system, Dogde Chargers, Mustangs, BMW motorcycles.

        However the pay scale is highly flawed. Not to blame the department, but the entire city's pay scale is flawed. You would start around $31,298, I believe is the starting salary. Wilmington actually tells you what "they believe" to be the market value of a police officer. They then start you off at 9% under the market value, and tell you, y ou get a 3% raise every year for 3yrs until you are up to market value. However, the problem with this is, 3yrs down the road, you are making market value of a police officer 3yrs ago, AND their market value is on the low end to begin with. There are no set pay jumps, and the city DOES NOT believe in "cost of living" increases. Soooo one you are done with your 3yrs, you then are never guaranteed another raise in your career their. Yes, the chief will beg the city council for raises, and maybe get a 1.5% raise for the troops, but being that inflation yearly runs around 3.5%...that is not much of a help.

        As for the command staff, the Chief is a great guy, and hes trying his best to make it a premiere agency, however he is limited by the city government. Another example, a married officer, with two children can look to pay around $350/month premium under the health care coverage. Some departments such as Raleigh PD, do not have premiums for their employees. So the bigger your family gets in wilmington, the poorer you become.

        Example of pay scale, 3yr veteran right now, WITH college degree, makes roughly $35,000, 10yr veteran with degree, makes $42,000

        LT, makes low 50'00s. Captain makes mid-high 50's.

        Not really alot when you realize the captains only make $15-20k more than a rookie.


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          who do you work for now?


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            30 to 40 officer turn over rate sounds very high. Is it the pay? And where does everyone go after they leave Wilmington?
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              I don't think that 30 or 40 out of 255 is THAT outrageous. I dunno.
              Why are there so many babies on Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

              * "Preach always, if necessary, use words!" St Francis of Assisi

              * Luke Chapter 6, Verses 27-36


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                NC beach bum..what does it matter where I work now?

                somebody sent me an email, however I was not able to reply, so here is my reply within this forum

                Well, honestly I mean the PD is fun, but like I said the benefits and
                pay are horrible. NC is a "right to work" state, meaning no unions, no
                bargaining. You get paid what the city council decides to pay you. In
                fact, if they decide to give you a pay cut, they can do that, and
                there is nothing you can do to argue it. The city itself is very diverse,
                however it is full of crime. I went there for college, and then worked
                there a few years. To the tourist, the town seems like a great place,
                very beautiful with the beach, and the river downtown. However to the
                criminal..its a thriving place. Now, violent crime really isn't too
                bad in the city. Its all pretty much ghetto, black on black crime.
                Usually all the murders are drug related, involving dealers and their turf.
                However property crime is off the charts. Vehicle and home breakins
                are too numerous. Wilmington has a HUGE homeless population, due to
                the numerous shelters it provides. In fact, places such as
                Charlotte NC, and Myrtle Beach SC give their homeless one-way bus
                tickets to wilmington, stating, "wilmington can accomodate you". If you
                pull up crime statistics, you will see that it was only 2yrs ago,
                Wilmington was ranked as the 8th moth dangerous city in the US. And as for
                crimes of it's size, it out ranked compton, CA, and Camden, NJ.

                School system, the average school system in the US spends roughly
                $6,100/yr /per student. New Hanover county schools (wilmington) spends
                only $5,000. . Soooo in so many words, Wilmington is an entertaining
                place to live, but its not a great place for a child to get an education.
                You may not be a victim of a violent crime, but I can almost
                guarantee within a few years, you will have had your car, or your house broken

                The turnover rate is high. WPD has roughly 255 officers. They lose
                30-40 officers a year. Why? Not because of unhappiness. More so because
                of pay. A 20yr veteran does not make much more than a rookie. I The only people that break $50,000/yr are the captains (5 of them) ,
                deputy chief and chief. (that is base pay)
                I know most of the guys
                with familys work ridiculous amounts of overtime, especially in their
                last three years of service. NC does retirement based on your last three
                years instead of kicking back near retirement, everyone
                works harder, because they dont' want their retirement to be based on a
                $45,000/yr salary. Also, NC is minimum 30yrs to retire, if you want your

                Don't let people fool you about the cost of living. If you were to
                leave your agency in Mass, wilmington does not do "transfers" You would be starting off at the $31,298 salary just like
                anybody else. There are two types of neighborhoods in wilmington, a
                "nice house" and then "cop ville" which are cookie cutter homes that all
                look alike, roughly 1,000-1400sq ft. You will pay anywhere from
                $160-240,000 for these cookie cutter homes. You will pay anywhere from
                $240,000-300,000 for a basic home..I'm sure you have money saved up and could
                sell your house up there, yes and you migth be well off down here, but
                its all relative. Most officers cannot afford houses in or near the
                city limits. And thus live in these "copvilles".

                As you said, up in Mass not many people ever leave a department. And
                there is a reason for that. You can bargain for more pay, your in
                contract, and benefits are alot better. Like stated on the site, my buddy
                pays $350/month premiums for him, his wife, and his two kids. Thats not
                including the co-pays he has, and deductibles.

                Now don't get me wrong, WPD is a busy hustling agency. If you are
                into the action, foot chases, car chases, fights, dealing with the
                thousands of drunk college kids on the weekends downtown, then yes this is
                the place to be. So it is all relative
                to what you are moving for. If you are looking to "advance" your
                career, or "move from the north to live wealthy" in the south..then
                Wilmington NC is not the place to do it. Again nothing against the
                AGENCY...its the city's fault they don't pay better and have crappy benefits.

                If you are gonna go south, I would recommend Raleigh PD. I know somebody after 6 years was making just over $50,000 (something youll never
                see in WIlmington) and his health benefits were completely paid for by
                the department. Raleigh is a thriving city to live in, with beautiful
                neighborhoods, and a HUGE variety of home prices that you would find
                something to fit your needs, and it would be worth the money you paid.
                I would also recommend Charlotte PD, ..these are the two cities that
                have salaries and benefits that are more like places up north. However
                remember no matter what you are still in a "right to work" state.

                Well I hope my long paragraphs have helped. I don't mean to shy you
                away from the department at all. , I am making more money, able to afford alot more, and
                have a more secure financial and educational future for my family since i left. If
                you are still considering it, I suggest you go down there, and sign up
                to do a ride along, and ask the officer to show you the good and the
                bad areas of town, and get a feel for it yourself. The department has
                alot to offer with take home cars and stuff...but that doesnt really put
                money in your wallet. Good luck!


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                  i just saw the ad that WPD is hiring. And yes all it mentioned was the starting pay, nothing about the top pay or when you get there. Thanks for the info


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                    Thanks for the information. I just got hired here in Boston PD, but wife wanted to move to NC for family. I will wait, the money is alot better here, and a nice house here is not all that much more than 350,000 here so seems right to stay.



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