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  • Credit question

    I have a credit card from Capital one that was charged off. Since it was charged off, I have been paying it down. I will have it completely paid off before I apply to an agency this upcoming year. This past year I have worked hard to pay off items that had gone into collections (DirecTV, Spectrum, Sprint, a veterinarian bill) and am in a payment arrangement for a medical bill from when my son that has gone into collections.

    I plan on on applying to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol for the next Long School.

    Will these things disqualify me, or because I have been working to pay these will I have a chance?

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    I can not say specifically for the Highway Payrol, but this would be a serious problem with many agencies. I suggest cleaning up your credit and maintaining good credit for some time.


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      Well I can not speak for the Patrol, but in general, one charge off, in my opinion, would not be a big deal....IF you have a valid reason that it could not be paid as agreed (medical issues, divorce, etc) and you can show an effort that the debt is currently being paid, I think you would be ok.
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        An applicant's credit standing with lenders is usually a good indication of their dependability and integrity.

        One of the deciding factors will be why you were in so much debt that bills were sent to collections or charged off. If it was because you were irresponsibly or foolishly spending more that you were earning, you can count on being disqualified. OTOH, if it was the result of a catastrophic emergency that was beyond your control (such as a medical emergency) you may have a chance, depending on how much you are in debt and the steps you are taking to get out of debt.

        Greater consideration is given to applicants who have met with their creditors, explained their situation, set up payment plans and stuck to them. Actual spending is also looked at. If you're still blowing $300 per month with your cable company for all the movie channels, $600 per month at fancy restaurants and taking expensive vacations, when that money could have goine to lowering your bills, no one will take you seriously.

        Go here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/bi.pdf and start reading the section marked Financial at page 5-17. It will give you an idea as to how many agencies evaluate applicants on financial and credit issues.
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          Being “disqualified “ means your application is rejected at some point in the process for not meeting the minimum standards to be hired. Even if an applicant is not disqualified, that applicant must still be selected. That means you are competing against all the applicants that were not disqualified to be actually selected.

          There is the appearance of a belief among many job seekers on this forum that not being disqualified equals getting the job. That is rarely the case.


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