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    I signed up to take the ccw class with my brother the other day, do I need to get anything as far as permits/applications before attending the class, or do they set you up once you are there. thanks in advance!
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    I'd check with the instructor you signed up with.

    Make sure you transport your firearm legally to and from the classroom, i.e., either out in the open, or encased in the trunk of your car.
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      Unless things have changed, the easiest way to do it is to pack your gun *unloaded* into your range bag, and leave it in your trunk, along with ammunition, ear and eye protection, and a holster. Go to the range with your ID and a pen. They should hand out a workbook and possibly a few extra sheets of paper, along with their class roster. Also, make sure you have at least $5 on you...for coffee...STRONG coffee. You'll know why when you see it.

      Anyway, this way, you can avoid having to worry about the particular rules of the range you're taking the class at. They'll tell you when / how to bring your gun into the range and you'll be on your merry way. After class, you'll get to keep your workbook, and you'll get a certificate of completion.

      From there, you take the certificate to your local sheriff's office. It's best to call first, because some of them have one or two designated people you have to see, and most will want an appointment for fingerprints. I think it's $90 for that. They'll give you an application to fill out, take your money and give you a receipt, and take a copy of your driver's license. They'll take your original certificate, so make sure you make a copy for yourself. Once you're fingerprinted, they'll start checking you out and, as long as you're legally allowed to receive the permit, you'll get it somewhere within the 90 days, usually. Last time I did it (yes, I let my permit expire and had to go through the whole process again...NEVER let your permit expire) they only took about 45 days.

      Out of curiosity, where are you in the State? If you're in the Raleigh area, I'd strongly, very strongly, recommend taking the class at Personal Defense and Handgun Safety Center. Their class is taught by Steve Johnson, of the NC Justice Academy. As I understand it, he wrote the training course used to train all the other trainers, so you're getting it right from the horse's mouth. I've sat in on a few of these courses, when friends of mine attended them, and I've never seen an instructor as knowledgable as Steve on the subject.

      Likewise, I won't say where I took my last class, but there are some fly-by-nights out there, who will gladly sit at the front of the room and teach their opinion, instead of the law. I've personally heard one of these folks instruct an entire class that if you were walking down the street and a group of no-goodniks was walking toward you, you should command them to stop and, if they don't stop, shoot. After I checked my ears to make sure I'd heard that correctly, and come to the sad realization that I had, I vowed to steer every person I could toward Steve's class. You will receive NONE of that tell-me-it's-ok-to-do-something-completely-wrong BS in his classes.

      One other thing, and this is my opinion only. Though there's nothing currently to require you to attend class with, or qualify with, the particular pistol that you're carrying (entirely too many people become excited over being able to 'qualify' with a .22 then carry a .44) please don't. If you're going to wear it on your body, please make sure you've had professional training, and are proficient with it.

      That said, good luck.


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